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Miriam Rachel

Hi, I am Miriam and I have a new exciting way to take your business to the next level!

Working with a company having same set of objectives with no mediocrity is a must to make your business reach the next level.

Fresh quotes and content for your social media pages at an affordable price range.

Working with businesses has never been so easier. It involves putting in a lot of effort while engaging clients on the most friendly and interactive platform. Why not outsource this burden and focus on the core business activities? I will educate and entertain your end users from witty and knowledgeable quotes inspired from famous politicians, actors, comedy kings, and real life situations. Or anything that is relevant to you!

What do I offer?

Meme Creation

You can find memes all over the internet, however, many of them are not professionally made just for you!

The memes I create are well designed and totally customized to your business or niche that will attract readers and followers. Here are samples of what I offer.

Miriam Rachel sample

miriam Rachel sample

miriam Rachel sample

You send me the image, or tell me which image you would like for your meme. Send me the quote to include in the meme as well as your watermark!

All images used are royalty free, and are fetched from free image sharing sites. Here are some samples of what I have created.

My special for now is that for $40 you will get 90 memes a day for a month. For $40/ a month, you can get 90 memes a day for each month . Contact me for more details.

Blog Commenting

If you receive no blog comments, your blog will not be noticed, and it is necessary to help with the SEO. I offer professional blog comments from different IP addresses. I will not comment on blogs that are hate related, adult, illegal and gambling. For $30, you will receive 20 comments. Be sure to contact me with the blog, and the niche, and other details.


You don’t have the time to come up with Tweets but you want to manage your own social media? I will write you 3 Tweets a day for $15. Please contact me and send me the information, and the hashtags you want to use, as well as the links to be included in the Tweets.

Hashtag Help

In order for your Tweets or Instagram posts to be noticed, you need to have the proper hashtags. That is the only way others will search for your posts! In fact you can have up to 30 for Instagram, and I will teach you how to place them so your followers are not bombarded with them. In fact for $50 I will provide you with 30 most relevant hashtags for the niche you want to target. Contact me with your Instagram details, and niche.

I stay away from anything that is hate, gambling, adult, and violence related! Politics and religion however, is okay within limits

Are you interested in having one of these four extras? I am just an email away and looking forward to helping you out.

Remember, if you are interested in social media management, I certainly do that too!How powerfully is this service helpful?

– Engage customers in real time
– Boost up your sales
– Increasing Revenues
– Expand your business reach
– Maintaining a happy customer client relationship
– Understanding and identifying the need and expectation of your clients.
– Conversion of your prospects into paying customers

What makes my services unique?

I believe in doing things in the correct and appropriate manner. My belief in disrupting the traditional practices while leveraging the businesses with the newest and the most effective ways of generating engagement is the main reason of wanting to help you reach this level. My excellent understanding of the changing marketplace and customer?s changing needs along with the objectives of businesses makes me help you win the rat race.

Quality is the one which I can?t compromise with!

Why choose to work with me?

I provide highly professional services to my clients that go far beyond quotes and business management. I make sure that the social media marketing is strategic and captivating the users with the things they are searching for.

I value communication and we understand that nothing can be achieved without knowing the expectations of each other. To achieve this, I work with clients at possible levels to make sure that the business is executing beyond the bottom line results. I do what I say; my exceptional; high quality, result oriented service is capable of winning the heart of different businesses.

When you choose to work with me, you get to know the versed service offered by me. I take my time to learn and understand about the company, their expertise and the value offered by them. On the basis of these, I use the social media power to nurture and take your end business to the next level. You can consider me as your foreshadow who will be working with you to solve your business needs.

This is going to be a win-win situation. Your success is my success.

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