Free Tools

Below is a list of 10 awesome social media tools that are must haves!

1. HootSuite– A great tool for getting a great overview of your social media channels. You can add your Twitter accounts, Facebook profile and page, as well as LinkedIn. You can see what your fans and friends are talking about, and you can share your content through many networks simultaneously.

2. SocialMention– An excellent tool that helps you find any term across all social media platforms. It shows you blog posts, Tweets, Facebook posts and shows you other data concerning the term you are searching for.

3. SharedCount– A place where you can count how many social shares that any URL has gotten.

4. PageModo– This is a fantastic tool where you can create custom covers, custom tabs, and you can schedule Facebook posts with this as well.

5. Hashtags– You can find the most popular Hashtags and the latest social buzz containing the hashtags.

6. SocialBro– You can find out anything and everything about your followers through this app. You can find out who also recently followed and unfollowed you on Twitter.

7.?FindPeopleOnPlus– This is a huge Google Plus directory, where you can find people to interact with.

8. Buffer– A great tool to use to share content through out your social media networks.

9.?Check out here some of the free?templates that you?can use to boost your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest:

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