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Miriam Rachel

Back in the day, I stated it was best to share a lot of inspirational content and quotes. Of course you would be seen as a positive person and sure it is professional. However, overtime my views have shifted.

I think it is far more important to be real than to put on a facade!

I am not talking about airing your dirty laundry on social media. No one needs to know if you say are in the middle of a messy divorce or if and why your life sucks everyday. No don’t even go there. Because even though if you are dealing with a difficult divorce and your life has been less than stellar lately, it is not necessary to air out the details.

I am getting at it is perfectly fine to share articles that relate to what you are dealing with or have dealt with. I am know it is perfectly fine to share memes that are humorous, and dare I say, even sarcastic or dirty!

Back in the day, I wanted to be careful with that because someone, somewhere could be offended by a joke. However, there is a difference today. Almost everyone will be offended by something you put out. People are just generally offended by almost everything and I refuse to cater to those who are going to bark back at something you share for that reason. I never said to share anything hateful or purposely offensive. I am talking about funny memes that mock life that most people go through.

These memes can range from anything that are mocking healthy eating to mocking being an adult. If it mocks life in general, it’s fine. A little bit of dark humor that does not go beyond a certain limit is fine too in my opinion.

Social media is changing. If all you do is put out inspirational and unrealistic optimistic bullshit, you aren’t impressing me. If anything I see that you are full of shit and hiding something big. There is nothing wrong with being real without airing every detail of your personal life. And swearing is fucking acceptable! It’s 2017 for Pete’s sake, not 1957. Get with it. My 2 c.

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