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instagram stories


From the moment that Instagram Stories feature was launched back in 2016, it really took off. Individuals were using it to share moments with friends and followers, while businesses were using it to promote their brands and products. It is now so popular, that this type of social sharing has topped 300 million daily users!

There are many benefits that come from using an Instagram Story. Primarily, it can be used to engage with followers and offer a call to action.

Additionally, it is also a great opportunity for businesses to encourage people to visit their accounts more frequently in the knowledge that there will be more content.

Instagram is constantly updating the Stories? features. For example, now you can add interactive polls to your Story, which not only encourages engagement but offers a great way to get an insight into consumers? opinion.

AirBnb is one of the many brands already using this feature by asking Story viewers to identify various destinations.

There is a huge range of ways that companies are already utilizing the power of Instagram Stories to drum up more business.

For example, NASA uses Stories to share behind the scenes footage or additional information, and Brunch Bots use the interactive ?swipe up? function of Stories and the tagging feature to highlight where its users can eat.

Find many more examples of how other businesses are using stories to give their brand a bump, and how you could start using them to your advantage, check out this infographic.


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