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Miriam Rachel is an SEO and social media consultant, coach and manager. She blogs about anything social media and business related. She is also an author and podcaster, and has given many talks at seminars about social media.

Miriam is a results-focused integrated marketing professional and growth hacker with more than 3 years of experience building brand awareness, public engagement and driving web traffic.

She has skills in employing effective marketing strategies, tactics and brand analysis. Adept in keeping up with and identifying current trends in social media, especially Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn. Published author of 3 social media guidance eBooks and respected evangelist for the power of online conversation.

Miriam has consulted and coached companies such as Sears, Whirlpool and Hero Burgers on social media management and modern SEO techniques, including blog writing and keyword-driven unique content.

? Current Klout score of 79-80, built through ongoing social media engagement; run a coaching course, Social Influence University, to help entrepreneurs harness the potential of social media. Named one of AGBeat’s Top 50 Influencers of 2014 for social media evangelism and expertise. Regularly feature in magazines and newspapers (The Boston Globe, Fortune, Worth), radio shows, podcasts and blogs as a social media expert.

? Increased engagement with Evergreen Kosher Market Facebook page by 3600{a0065375a7e2d1c093abc1aba7894b1ad713a40df7f413d8a34d916c8e570350} in 1 month. For an entrepreneur, grew Facebook fan base from 558 likes to 2489 in 6 months, with engagement and reach rising over 3000{a0065375a7e2d1c093abc1aba7894b1ad713a40df7f413d8a34d916c8e570350} each month.

? Achieved page one search rankings through quality-focused SEO for small businesses with a previously low online presence, leading to increased traffic and lead generation; an example is boosted rankings for Smile Carpets in searches for ?Toronto carpets? and ?laminate flooring installation?

? Manage social media accounts using Hootsuite, with responsibility for status updates, images, relevant links and exploiting opportunities for viral marketing through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

? Project-manage and oversee online marketing objectives, strategies and budgets, collaborating with web developers, advertisers and production managers to lead integrated campaigns.

? Coordinate online thought leadership campaigns as a key method in generating highly searchable content to build brand awareness, reputation and drive web traffic through targeted search keywords.

? Execute SEO strategies including keyword optimization, on-page maintenance, website analysis (site map and navigation), content development, and link building.

As of October 2014

Website Visitors– 24,000
Twitter Followers– 18.8K
Facebook Fans– 3,645
Intagram Followers– 1,741
Klout Score– 80

Reader Demographics
Mostly Canada and US
50{a0065375a7e2d1c093abc1aba7894b1ad713a40df7f413d8a34d916c8e570350} women
50{a0065375a7e2d1c093abc1aba7894b1ad713a40df7f413d8a34d916c8e570350} men
20{a0065375a7e2d1c093abc1aba7894b1ad713a40df7f413d8a34d916c8e570350} 25-34 years old
40{a0065375a7e2d1c093abc1aba7894b1ad713a40df7f413d8a34d916c8e570350} 35-44 years old
40{a0065375a7e2d1c093abc1aba7894b1ad713a40df7f413d8a34d916c8e570350} 45+ years old

Services Offered- Please go find out here what is offered.

In order to get more exposure, I am offering a sponsored ads service.

Side Bar Ads only.

125 x 125 pixels- $125/ month
300 x 250 pixels (rotating)- $135/month
300 x 250 stationary – $145/month

Side Bar ads will be on the right side of the home page, and through out the site. Your ad will be displayed every time someone visits the page. Rotating ads have a maximum of 6 ads per widget, and are displayed in a random for each page view. Therefore, sponsors will be billed equally. I can accept business and marketing related ads (new business related products or services), ads for new business and marketing related apps. Please contact me for more information at pr [at] miriamRachel dot com if you are interested in advertising on my site.

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