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It is absolutely normal to feel down and be in the dumps at times regardless of the reason. In fact you may feel down for several days at a time. Sometimes you are going through tough situations that can easily darken your mood. I am not talking about grieving or dealing with recent trauma (that is completely different and I am not even touching on that here). However, situations can let you down. And depending on the issue, cheering up during tough times can be somewhat challenging. However, if you are working very hard at building a strong social presence and online credibility (which spills over to your offline world, remember that always)- you need to remember to never ever complain or vent on your social media networks. Just remember, your Facebook profile (even if set to private) is not your personal journal. Those even on your private networks can easily leak out by simply sharing or taking a snapshot of anything you put out. Even your “trusted” friends could not necessarily be trusted when it comes to sharing anything “private” you share.

I will give you a scenario. You may be building your business page quite well however, your profile you are keeping private. You had a friend betray you the day before and even though you are sharing relevant content on your Facebook business page- on your private profile you have been venting how your back was stabbed over and over again. Firstly, your connections are getting very tired of hearing this. And secondly, one of your connections on your private profile happens to be friends with that individual who had stabbed you in the back. Your once trusted connection took snap shots of all of the things you said, and shared it with that person who supposedly betrayed you. And guess what, that old friend of yours betrayed you again by sharing your content all over the networks! Now your reputation is on the line because of sharing too much even on your private network. Never ever vent especially about others on your networks. In fact do not vent about anything.

Now if you are frustrated about a device that you are unable to get working like I frequently do with my Windows 8 laptop then you can express your frustration in a clean and tame way, and then ask for advice. I had to do that earlier and I am glad I did because someone on my network did clear something up for me. That is an exception.

If you are feeling sad, angry, irritated (and you will feel those emotions from time to time), keep it off of your social networks at all costs. Your reputation depends on you being clean at the very least. No one is telling you to share positive quotes, as there are other types of clean content to share. The best thing to do when you are feeling down is sharing quotes (or regardless of how you are feeling). Everyone loves quotes! They do not necessarily have to be positive once again. There are many types of quotes to choose from (however at the same token there may be some that could be considered negative, so be cautious). You may want to read my blog post on content sharing as there are some sources of excellent and powerful quotes that will touch you even on days that you are feeling down. People love quotes. If you just are unable to muster up anything helpful to share or you are afraid that what you may be sharing may not be the best- go to the quote list and find some that strike your fancy. There are plenty to choose from and regardless of what mood you are in, you will find some that you- as well as your connections will like! The best part is, your reputation will be safe!

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