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So here I am, attempting to improve myself. I have put on weight lately, a lot of weight that I lost two to three years ago, and the pandemic did not help matters tied in with weight loss fatigue. However, I am not feeling that fatigue anymore (I am definitely feeling COVID fatigue, though). I am ready to take off the extra pounds.

What worked for me back in 2018 and 2019 was counting calories and writing them down. I didn’t even exercise much. I was active, but I did not work out, which was proof right there that food intake is much more important than exercising regarding weight loss. You have to remember that any caloric deficit you have will result in your body burning the excess fat only to live!! That is why working out is optional, and if you do it intensely, you must increase your caloric intake. Otherwise, that pesky starvation mode will hit, and you won’t be losing anymore because your body will hang onto every calorie you take in. I read somewhere that you need calories to burn calories because ‘you need to light a match to start a fire.’

Back in 2018, I felt fine losing weight on my own without much support aside from my therapist helping friends and cheering me on. Otherwise, support groups weren’t necessary to me, and I did just fine without them. However, this time, because of struggling more with my depression (though I struggled with it even worse in 2017 and before that, my motivation was so strong to lose that weight I was OK to do it without the support groups), I wanted to join a support group to help motivate me.

Therefore, I did join a support group on Facebook. They approved me in no time.

Here are the rules of that group which was somewhat Nazi-ish, but I did not care. It looked like it was a solid group. I mean, isn’t weight loss success behind having an accountability buddy? The more you look into it, you will see that the group owner is looking at the group as a money-making venture. She does not care about the health and wellbeing of anyone else. Well, okay, whatever. In this group, no one and one support are allowed anyway, which is very strange.

Therefore, I get in, and I introduce myself, and perhaps I shared a lot of information about myself and history as to why I struggled with my weight for so long. I thought maybe there would be some supportive members that would relate on some level. And I added the appropriate trigger warnings. I am sure most of those thousands of women would not be overly triggered by what I shared. I did a group search for Pete’s sake to see if there were similar posts, and there were, and they received a lot of love. However, with me, it was crickets. I total snub—new members who came on board after I was welcomed with open arms. I expressed my grievances about being snubbed the way I was, and then the next thing I knew when I could no longer find the group:

Oh well. They didn’t like me. They decided that they did not like me for whatever reason. I am trying not to allow my inner insecurities to take over my negative thinking and critical voice. However, at the same time, I am sure they took offense to me expressing my grievances over being snubbed like I was. I didn’t exactly go on the attack and resort to name-calling or anything. But I wasn’t particularly nice and made it clear I wasn’t happy about it. I am sure there are better support groups to join anyway run by those who aren’t fragile little money-hungry snowflakes like they obviously are!

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