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When you have depression, you may struggle with working in an office with others. Office politics can be a trigger for many sufferers and this is also a contributing factor as to why those who are diagnosed with depression live on disability income. This turns into a major issue. The individual is unable to work, especially in those settings. However, their self-esteem is hampered for the fact that they aren’t working and making a positive impact. They become even more depressed as a result of this. However, there is a solution. That is by working from home.

Even though working from home may increase isolation, which is detrimental to those who have depression, the pros outweigh the cons. Besides, just because you are not in an office setting does not mean you are cutting yourself off from others either. You can still interact with others virtually. Besides, there are some jobs that would be great for those who struggle with depression where they don’t work from home. Office settings really can be problematic. Let’s now go over 10 great jobs for those who have depression.

1. Freelance Writing Or Ghostwriting

Writing is a great career choice for those who have depression. They can express themselves through their writing which anyone who has any type of mental illness needs to do consistently. They can even express themselves through ghostwriting for clients. There are plenty of places to look for writing opportunities such as at ProBlogger or Indeed.

2. Crafting

Those who have mental illnesses of any kind tend to be creative, especially for those who struggle with depression. This is why writing is a great choice for those who have depression. Another great choice is crafting if that is something they can see themselves doing. They can knit scarves, or make figurines, or paperweights, for example. They can sell their creations on platforms such as Etsy.

3. Social Media Management

Another thing that those who have depression can do from home is doing social media management. Companies are always looking for social media managers and platforms such as LinkedIn can show which companies are hiring social media managers. Indeed can also do the same. This service can be advertised on freelancing platforms. Even though I don’t support Fiverr based on how they operate, for the short term it is an idea to get your feet wet with it.

4. Transcription

Transcription personally is not an option I would take. However, I am adding this idea only because I know some people who have depression that does it and love it. Therefore, it is an idea if you think you would like to give it a try. Transcription does provide you with the mental stimulation you would want, however. That could be why this may be a popular choice among those who have depression. You can join companies such as TranscribeMe or

5. Computer Programming

Here is another job that would throw me personally because I am not at all techie. However, many people who are and that suffer from depression would find this one appealing. If you know programming languages such as Python, HMTL, C++, and JavaScript, then you could do this job if you like the idea of it. One good freelance site to join if you want to do programming is Toptal. However, just beware that you could potentially work for very long hours and it can be stressful. But you can always find your niche and tailor it to your needs.

6. Own Your Own Business

Those who have depression that own their own businesses can gain a lot of self-esteem and confidence in themselves. If there is a service they can offer from a skill they have, then it is an idea. However, there are risks and risks are that failures are inevitable along the way. That can cause setbacks. This is why those who want to start their own business must educate themselves well so they know exactly what to expect ahead of time and to be realistic with their goals.

7. Landscaping

This job is for those with depression who prefer not to work at home. Landscaping can be a wonderful job if you have the strength and training for it. That is because you are outdoors and outdoors can be great for your mental health. In addition to that, you also can offer snow removal services if you live in a colder climate with landscaping services. People need this service regardless of where they live so finding clients would not be difficult.

8. Working In A Greenhouse

If you like the idea of landscaping but you are not skilled or confident enough to do that type of job, then you can also work in a greenhouse or a gardening center. You are still working outdoors and you are getting plenty of exercise and vitamin D doses. This will help raise your serotonin levels. That can have a positive impact on your mental health. Another idea is being a park ranger.

9. Librarian

If you don’t want to stay at home or spend all day outdoors, you can work as a librarian. The setting is quiet and relaxing and you can take the opportunity to get out of your head. You will spend a lot of time around books and can help kids as well as adults with finding the type of book they want to read. If you prefer to work with kids, you can always work in the children’s section of the library and manage days for reading as well as school events.

10. Dog Walking Or Pet Sitting

Spending time with animals is wonderful for your mental health if you like animals that is. You can get exercise by walking dogs and spend time with other people’s animals which can help raise your serotonin levels as well. There are many reasons why people need pet sitters. Especially if they work full-time, as that is a long time to leave your pet alone. They want to hire someone who can give them love and attention, as well as exercise. Companies such as Rover can give you the opportunity to become a pet sitter or a dog walker.

Therefore, if you struggle with depression, there is never a need to work in an office if all it does is bring you stress and unhappiness. Surely, one of the options listed above would be a good fit for you.

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