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Mental illness is a major problem that people suffer from, and the great news is that people are being more open about their struggles with mental health. As a result, more awareness is being spread about how having any mental illness such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder is no different from having a physical illness such as diabetes. It is an illness, and thanks to the fact that people are being more open, the stigma is slowly fading. 

This is why more and more people are seeking therapy because it is one of the best treatments for poor mental health. In fact, according to NHS, one million people in the UK per year receive therapy services. That is because therapy is an excellent form of mental hygiene. But in other parts of the world, not so much. That is because therapy is quite expensive and insurance does not have the best coverage for a lot. Talking about your thoughts through therapy can really help you stop ruminating over negative thoughts, and it teaches you ways to only move forward. Let’s go over four reasons people seek therapy and how it really does help them. 

1. Constant Sadness, Anger, And Losing Enjoyment In Hobbies And Activities That Once Brought Pleasure

Anyone who is experiencing continuous sadness, hopelessness, rage, and has become apathetic must seek therapy immediately to help them work through their thoughts. And therapy can only help people who are suffering cope by presenting different strategies to do so. Those who are suffering this way are likely facing depression, and unmanaged depression will only worsen and can potentially result in suicide. 

2. Experience Of Trauma

People who had something traumatic happen to them such as enduring abuse, going through an excruciating illness, losing a house in a fire, or witness something devastating need to seek therapy. Those who have experienced trauma will be plagued by flashbacks and nightmares which will impede their ability to cope. The right type of therapy will help those who have had traumatic experiences can work through the trauma so they can live normal lives again.

3. A Loss Of Some Sort Had Happened

For anyone who has lost a loved one, lost their job, or even lost a dream that they had for a long time will be experiencing grief. And unmanaged grief will end up taking over their lives meaning they will think about the loss all of the time which will interfere with their productivity. Those who are not able to handle their grief must seek therapy to help them work through it.

4. Substance Abuse

Many of those who are facing extremely stressful situations may find themselves addicted to drugs, alcohol, and even food because it provides them an unhealthy escape. Being out of control when it comes to substance abuse can be quite dangerous. Those who are using unhealthy ways to cope need to seek therapy so they can learn how to manage their stress without giving in to these dangerous ways to escape. 

There is also a variety type of therapy such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), as well as talk therapy. The right type of therapy will be best suited to the mental illness that the patient has. Often times, medication is also prescribed by doctors or psychiatrists to patients in addition to having the right type of therapy. Because people who are suffering from mental illness regardless of the type can be helped, and consistent therapy can help them live happy, productive, and meaningful lives!

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