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Collaboration is vital in every place of work, but offices and cubicles can make it hard to feel connected to coworkers. Nowadays, many workplaces have also taken on a hybrid environment so that employees can work some days remotely and go into the office on other days. No matter what type of company you manage, knowing how to boost collaboration among employees is vital to meeting goals. Get the top tips you need to know in the information below!

Emphasize Openness

Every great manager has an open-door policy to ensure workers always feel comfortable turning to them for support. If you want to cultivate a collaborative environment in the office, you should also encourage workers to have this with one another. Remind employees that they’re a team and the only way to meet individual and company goals are by relying on one another.

Strive to get workers talking to everyone in the department, not just their team or the people sitting near them. This way, employees can create networks and support systems amongst their coworkers for additional people to turn to if they need help.

Pro Tip

Establish times for team-building activities, and don’t feel like this is only for your team. Talk with other managers to get workers to engage with other departments. After all, everyone in the company feels connected at the root; the more they collaborate, the easier it is to put faces to each operation.

Redesign the Office Layout

Cubicles create barriers, and while this can be helpful at times, it can also hinder collaboration. Instead, consider making workstations with open office seating so that workers can easily see and talk to each other.

You can also set up areas for workers to sit and talk away from their desks. It’s easier for people to feel like they’re connected when they can see the people working alongside them. This helps build a sense of community. It keeps workers motivated and ready to put in their all as they complete tasks.

There Are No Bad Ideas

Encouraging collaboration entails many things, including a new way of thinking. Employees have ideas; some are great assets to the business, but others may need fine-tuning. Rather than shoot down ideas, offer constructive criticism, or explain why it may not work. If the latter occurs, remember to thank them for the idea. By encouraging creativity and communication, your team feels valued. In turn, this boosts collaboration.

Be a Leader

The final tip for boosting collaboration in your office is to set the example you wish to see. After all, workers view you as a role model, so you must collaborate with subordinates, fellow managers, and other company members.

Also, consider offering educational meetings with various avenues for collaboration and discussion on why it matters. By giving employees the tools they need to succeed, you make it easier for everyone to meet expectations.  

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