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The change to remote work can cause mental health struggles for many people. If you’re having trouble staying focused when working from home, below are some tips to help you concentrate and become more productive.

Eliminate Distractions

The biggest challenge for many who switch from working in an office to working from home is there are more distractions. Having a designated home office instead of just a desk in a bedroom or living space is crucial to eliminating distractions and putting your mind in the framework of work.

If you get distracted by your phone, personal laptop/tablet, or television, remove all those distractions from your space during work hours. If you need your phone during work, consider putting it on “Do Not Disturb” mode to avoid getting personal texts and notifications that distract you.

Pro Tip

If others in your household cause distractions while you work, consider getting a pair of noise-canceling headphones to eliminate outside noise.

Use Scents and Fragrances

When putting your mind into a state of concentration, you should think about activating all of your senses, including smell. For many of us, a pleasing fragrance helps us go deeper into focus and eliminate other distractions.

The use of smell for deeper focus is one of the many spiritual benefits of burning incense sticks, as many people use them during meditation for greater concentration. Consider burning incense or candles while you work to help you concentrate when needed.

Know When You’re at Your Best

While we could give you many tips on how to stay focused when working from home, it’ll primarily come down to the individual’s preferences. Some of us are more productive in the early morning, while others are best in the afternoon after a revitalizing lunch.

Consider when you’re at your best and schedule your most difficult or important work for that time so that you can produce your best work, even from home.

Dress for Success

If you’re used to dressing professionally for work every day, keep that habit going from home to make the transition smoother. It may seem strange at first to dress up if no one will see you, but it’s helpful for your mind. Getting dressed up puts it in work mode.

Plus, those who work from home often have video calls and meetings where people will see them, so it’s wise to look still professional. And don’t cut corners by only dressing professionally for what people will see on camera—make it an entirely professional outfit!

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