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There you are! You are on your smartphone again, and you have not put that thing down for hours. My bet is that you have forgotten to eat so you are probably starving! But, because you are spending all of that time arguing on that Facebook thread about politics, or whether the Earth is flat, or anything else that clashes with your beliefs –  you hardly notice that your blood sugar is plummeting because you don’t even remember when the last time was when you ate. Additionally, my bet as well is that you haven’t gone to the bathroom for hours either and your bladder is about to explode for that same reason!  And do you dare me to tell you that reason?

Okay, well I am going to flat out say it right now! Social media is clearly taking over your life! It is even worse now due to the current situation and this is really taking a toll on people’s mental health. And, if you continue to let that happen, things will start getting ugly! You probably want me to elaborate on what I mean by that. And, you are in luck because the only way I am about to do that is by telling you about the benefits you will reap if you quit social media right now:

1. You’ll Be Able To Kick Insomnia Out Of The Way

If you are spending hours and hours on social media during the day, you are not going to quit doing that at night either. And, a large part of the reason that so many people aren’t sleeping well these days is that they are doing what you are doing – keeping that smartphone by you while you are in bed reading the latest Facebook statuses or looking at the latest cool Instagram posts in your feed. 

And, according to the National Sleep Foundation, that blue light coming from your screen will mess up with your melatonin production. So, that said, my friends, that is keeping your brain in the waking beta mode instead of the deep sleep delta mode that it needs – and that you need your sleep to stay healthy!

2. You’ll Quit With The Comparison Game

Let’s face it. Anytime that you see someone who is doing better than you on social media while you are having a rough time of it, that green-eyed monster will come out – and it will make you feel worse about your situation. For instance, if you are having money troubles and you are seeing that your friends are enjoying their vacations in the Bahamas while you are lucky if you are able to afford to enjoy a dinner out – you are going to feel even worse about your situation. 

Then you are going to think that everyone has a better life than you! Nothing could be further from the truth because people share their highlights on social media instead of the struggles they are facing behind the screen. Not to mention, according to Plos One, this only leads to feelings of depression and further isolation

3. You’ll Have Fewer Regrets About What You Have Done With Your Life

Do you dislike the city where you live, yet at the same time you are not able to just pick up and leave because you are tied to your job, your family, and other responsibilities? Meanwhile, you are seeing your friends who took the initiative to leave that same city and they are sharing on their social media platforms that they are relieved they made the best move by leaving? 

That probably feels like a punch in the gut, because it is only fueling your feelings of regret by staying – or by failing to do anything else with your life that you wished you had done. Not to mention, according to the Kent State University Professor, Dr. Andrew Lepp, social media fuels that ‘grass is greener on the other side’ mentality.  

4. Those Hobbies That You Once Had Will Come Back Into Your Life Again

Chances are that at one time you used to enjoy doing crossword puzzles, or playing basketball on your driveway, or going to dance class. However, once social media took over your life, those hobbies disappeared. And, you need to bring back those hobbies into your life because they are good for your mental and physical health. And, you can get them back once you quit social media!

5. You Will Start Talking To People Around You Again

Are you the type that sits at the dinner table with your friends and family but you are in another world because you are glued to your smartphone while they are all talking to one another? There is a good chance that they are frustrated with you for this reason. But once you quit social media, then you will be contributing to the conversation and listening to what they have to say! That will not only make you more likable but more of a well-rounded individual. 

And, really, I could go on and on about other benefits you will reap if you quit social media, but you get the idea! So if you want to improve your life and start feeling good about your accomplishments, while you are starting to get some exercise again, and bringing back old interests into your life again – then there is no other way to say it! It is time to quit letting social media take over your life!

By the way, I have not completely quit social media but I am cutting down drastically and it is quite beneficial. For business and only chatting with some friends online is what I am mainly using it for. Other than that, not so much anymore and it feels so much better.

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