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It takes a team for a business to succeed. Money isn’t the sole motivator for an efficient team. To have a good team, you should let your employees know their work doesn’t go unnoticed and that you appreciate that hard work. Show your team some love and appreciation with these five thoughtful and affordable gifts for employees. 

A Book of Affirmations

Sometimes, the workplace can become overwhelming and draining. If you feel like your employees could use more words of encouragement, gift them each a book of affirmations! To promote wellness in the workplace, encourage your employees to write down and share their favorite affirmations from the book.

Mini Desktop Vacuum

Sometimes employees eat snacks or lunch at their desks and leave tiny crumbs behind. Gift your employees cute mini desktop vacuums to clean up any small bits of paper or cookie crumbs. The mini desktop vacuums are easy to use and clean when they’re full!

Season-Themed Care Package

Fill your care package with high-quality office supplies and tasty snacks for everyone to enjoy! Winter, fall, spring, or summer, you’ll have endless choices to provide. Your employee will love a curated snack box that fits the current season. Since the temperature is rising, you should include a reusable water bottle, sunglasses, or a refreshing beverage in the care package. 

Portable Desktop Phone Holder

Gifting a desktop phone or tablet holder is perfect for your employees! Sometimes, our desk areas can become crowded with our electronics and make it hard to keep organized. A portable desktop device holder will allow you to see your screen at a comfortable angle while not taking up too much space on your desk. 

Cozy Socks

Your employees can keep their feet warm in style. Gifting socks is an old yet faithful and safe gift for employees. Luckily, socks are easily customizable so that each employee can get a unique look or message on them. 

It would be best to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work, and you don’t have to spend a lump sum of money to do that! Use the five thoughtful and affordable gifts for employees above to show your appreciation while being cost-effective. 

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