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Exhaustion is one of the biggest reasons people become demoralized at work. When someone is tired, their body and mind don’t perform optimally, which can lead to a spiral of poor performance and feeling discouraged. As a manager, you can assist in alleviating this problem by helping employees battle fatigue at work.

Make Sure Your Employees Hydrate

It’s common knowledge that our bodies require water to function properly, and many people don’t drink nearly enough each day. While there’s no perfect number of ounces to suit every person, you can encourage employees to drink more water by letting them have water bottles at their desks and in meetings. Also, make sure they don’t feel pressured to avoid trips to the bathroom.

Provide Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are extremely important in the workplace. They help people who stand at desks, conveyor belts, and kitchen stations from feeling exhaustion in their feet. Once a person’s feet start to hurt, continuing to stand just makes the problem worse. Mats with extra cushion will help increase everyone’s endurance.

Offer Mental Health Services

Sometimes, exhaustion at work is a sign of something more serious happening in an employee’s life. Ensure all your employees have access to decent mental health care and know which benefits are available to them. If you can offer meeting times during the work day, all the better.

Don’t Micromanage

One way to help employees battle fatigue at work is to avoid micromanaging everything they do. People are much more productive—and happier—when managers let them work at their own pace, with their own production techniques. For example, if someone wants to listen to music with earbuds, don’t stop them unless you see a noticeable decline in their work.

Encourage Breaks

Few people thrive in a monotonous routine, but that’s just what many jobs require. As much as possible, let your employees take breaks so they can rest their eyes and their brains for a brief moment. If you can, consider building a patio where people might get a breath of fresh air in between tasks.

Working may never make some of your employees happy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be happy at work. Partnering with your employees to battle fatigue shows that you’re invested in their well-being, which itself can help relieve symptoms and create a pleasant work environment.

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