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The entire month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and according to WHO, there are at least 264 people worldwide that live with depression ranging in the severity of the illness. I am one of the 264 million people who live with depression, and depression is treatable with medication, therapy, or both. In my case, I have to stick to therapy because I am medication-resistant. The severity of the illness also determines the type of treatment that is best for depression. However, there is one thing that people with depression want, and it is to feel that they are contributing to society.

Unfortunately, many of those who struggle with profound depression cannot work and have to go on disability. However, there are plenty of other sufferers who not only can work but who want to work. If they do not work, that can be highly detrimental to their mental health. However, the critical thing for those who have depression that works is that they must choose a field and be in an environment that will positively stimulate their minds.

Many people with depression or any mental illness prefer to work from home as it allows them to work in a familiar and comfortable setting. That is essential for those who struggle with mental illness. However, that also means that not everyone who has depression will want to work from home. Some sufferers find that working at home will not be good for their productivity. That is why there are ideal jobs for those who struggle with the illness that require you to work outside of the home. Let’s go over seven of those now:

Dog Walker

Dog walking is great for those who have mental illnesses and for those who do not. Being a dog walker provides you with an opportunity to make extra income because there are plenty of dog owners who do not have the time to walk and watch their dogs. If they are too busy working or have a young family, they will need your help caring for their dogs. Therefore, they will hire you to walk their dogs and take them to dog parks.

Dog walking is great for you because it gives you the exercise you need, and having an animal companion with you during the day is certainly helpful. If you have a dog, you can bring your dog along. If you don’t mind working at home a little bit, you can also offer pet sitting services for those who want to go on vacation and don’t have anyone to watch their pets.


Sn easy job to get around your area is a security role as it gets you out of the house, and you can guard buildings such as apartments, condominiums, and museums. If you tend to stay awake at night and struggle to sleep, then being a security guard could be a job for you. Security guards often cover night shifts which is why if you need a change of scenery at night, you can work in security. You can also look into other interests or listen to music during your downtime. However, if you fear you will get hurt by an intruder, then perhaps this is not the right job for you. That is particularly if you have any anxiety disorder. 

Postal Service

Another great job that gets you active stimulated, and busy is being a postal worker. You can hang around outside and get some exercise, fresh air, and interact with others which is quite good for your mental health. You can also get plenty of downtime and alone time as well which you also need. It would be best if you had the right balances, and the nice thing about being a postal worker is that you can develop relationships with those who reside in the neighborhoods where you work. Another bonus is that the pay is pretty good since it is a government job. 


Are you looking for an active job that does not require much mental stimulation? Then working in merchandising is an idea for you. You could work at a big box or department store, helping to unload trucks of items as well as stocking them on shelves. You would have to work early mornings, and shifts don’t often end until very late at night. It is a low-stress job even though it requires a lot of physical activity. Therefore, if you cannot handle mentally stimulating jobs but feel better after getting a good workout, this is a great option. 

Library Technician  

If you like books, then you may want to consider being a librarian or a library technician. If you don’t want to go and get your Master’s Degree in Library Science, which means you cannot be a librarian, you can always work as a library technician. You can shelve and organize books as well as working at the desk. You can upload and scan documents and point others to resources that they need. You will also feel that you are serving a purpose if you work at a public library. If you are good with research and have a knack for history, you can always work in the archives area of the library, where librarians save precious documents and artifacts. 


Another active job you can get into is landscaping and horticulture. If you like plants and like the outdoors, you can work in a job related to them. You could be a professional landscaper who cares for and designs residential and business properties. You would also work at greenhouses, garden centers, or botanical gardens. Additionally, plants and greenery are good for your overall health, and jobs landscaping jobs, in general, are low-stress ones. 

Park Ranger

If you like camping and being outdoors, then being a park ranger is a possibility for you as well. There are plenty of national parks that offer internship programs during the summer. They will provide room and board, and you will learn about survival skills, nature, backpacking, and camping. That means you can help those who visit national parks get the most of their experiences. Park rangers also can find a good balance between hanging out with their coworkers and being alone. 

If you have depression or any other mental illness, then you can find the best job for you. If you don’t want to work from home and feel that will worsen your condition, then the great news is that there are jobs that require you to work outside of the ideal home. If one of the seven options sounds good to you, then you can explore them further!

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