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After being involved in an accident which resulted in personal injury, you should be aware of the fact that the recovery process doesn’t only involve physical recovery. Yes, it’s true that your physical injuries might feel worse than anything else, but you should tend to your mind as well.

This is because the mental aspect of an injury will not affect you right away but in time. Right now, you may not feel stressed or scared about an accident that just happened, but you certainly will in the future.

This is why all personal injury lawyers will tell you to take care of yourself properly while they deal with your case. For that, we’re here to help and tell you seven of the ways with which you can recover mentally after a personal injury.

Change of Perspective

Half of the energy you have should be put into a physical workout, while the other half should be spent recovering. During that time of mental recovery, you shouldn’t consider yourself as useless or non-productive.

Instead, keep in mind that, due to the fact that you heal through resting, you are, in fact, productive!

Keeping a Journal

One might say that undocumented injuries/aches will feel like they never left your body. Therefore, why not keep a journal of your worries, injuries, aches, and pains?

In the end, you will log the results and see how your recovery process evolved over time. You can work out how long it took for your wounds to heal and so on. Doing so will give you more confidence, proving to yourself that your body can heal.

Set Goals

While recovering from a personal injury, you should definitely set new and smaller goals for yourself and for your health. 

If you have recovery-related goals and stick to fulfilling them you will be extremely happy and satisfied when you actually start working and meeting them. 

Focus on Control

Once again, a personal injury means that you should focus only on the things that you can control in your life at the moment. Do not try to do anything that would be out of your current zone of comfort.

In this respect, try to control your diet, for example, or just eat healthier and drink more water. On top of that, focus on training and recovery – as these are the things that you should be doing when you are injured.

New Hobbies

On the other hand, while focusing on what you can control, you should also find yourself a new, small hobby. It shouldn’t be something that would tire or bore you. 

A hobby allows you to redirect your energy into something else and not into thinking about the hardship of your recovery. A hobby will keep you occupied and safe from various mental illnesses. 


When you feel like stressing over your recovery and perhaps its speed, in case it is slow-paced, you should start meditating immediately. 

Simply sitting and focusing solely on breathing will calm your nervous system and drastically reduce your stress levels. 

Avoid Isolation

It is very important that you stick to your normal social routine while recovering from an injury. The fact that you communicate and socialize with friends and family will help you avoid feeling down as a cause of injury.

After all, those important people in your life are one of the best ingredients when it comes to mental recovery after an accident!

The Bottom Line

As mentioned above, while physical recovery does matter, it is strongly recommended that you take care of the mental aspect of an injury as well. You should not put all of your strength, energy, and focus on your physical recovery. If you do not tend to your mental wounds, they will open up in the future and make themselves felt. Remember that personal injury-related PTSD does exist!

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