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The Coronavirus is not just causing all of us to isolate at home and to keep practicing social distancing to flatten the curve. It has been destroying many businesses. Hospitality and tourism is one business that has been hit the hardest. Restaurants a little bit and the only thing that is preventing the restaurant industry from taking a huge hit is that many of them provide takeout and delivery service. 

It is safe to say that things are changing and as a result of the economy taking a big hit, there will be a recession. And you may be aware of many occupations are recession-proof such as being in medicine, nursing, pharmaceutics, social work, the funerary industry, and taxes. There is always a need for energy and utility workers as well as actuaries. If you don’t know what an actuary is, it is a business professional that can examine the consequences of a risk financially. There is most definitely a need for that. 

However, this is not the time to go and hunt for a job since we are stuck at home. That is why I will be talking about 9 recession-proof jobs that you can do from home. These are perfect to keep your bank account flowing during this uncertain time. However, some of them you will need training for and certification, or even a degree as well. 

1. Medical Transcription

Being a medical transcriptionist can be a well-paying job from home. You would need to take a certification course in medical transcription, and you will need to have certain skills such as being able to type at least 50 words per minute. You also need to be confident enough to know that you will be completely accurate with what you type out. This is not a job to mess up with that as it involves medicine.

2. Legal Transcription

The same rules apply to legal transcription as it would to medical transcription. You need specific training to be a legal transcriptionist, as well as certification. If you already have a diploma or certificate in legal transcription (or medical for the point above), then you can find jobs at home in this field. 

3. Mental Health

During these times of crises especially, the mental health industry is booming. However, even when nothing major is happening on such a scale as this, people need to talk to mental health professionals virtually. As someone who suffers from depression, I can tell you that this type of work is always needed as mental health does not care if we are in a recession or not. You have to be a professional in order to become a mental health counselor virtually as companies such as TalkSpace need virtual mental health professionals. 

4. Online Teaching And Tutoring

Even once the schools are reopening after this virus scare is over, virtual teachers and tutors are needed. Kids need extra help in many subjects. Education will always be something that is needed regardless of what is happening economically, and that includes from home which is why there are companies such as VIPKid hiring. However, teachers and tutors need to have a degree in teaching or early childhood education. 

5. Financial Services

There are many financial services that can be provided from home. Examples are tax researchers, certified public accountants, financial analysts, day planning, financial writing, and many more. You will need to have an education in any financial work you want to do from home. However, how much of it you need depends on what you want to do. 

6. Coaching And Consulting

If you are an expert in something, then you can offer coaching or consulting services. What can you offer that people will need and will spend money on? If you want to be a life coach, for instance, you will want to make yourself appear unique while you market yourself. There are plenty of life coaches and you will need to figure out how you can help someone different than the competition. 

7. Psychic Reader

You would think that people would not spend money on psychic readers, but actually, this is a booming industry. That is regardless of how things are in the economical sense. Are you a tarot reader, or a medium, or an astrologer, or a numerologist? You are needed right now! And you are needed all of the time, but right now especially. People have questions and need insight. You can apply to a psychic hotline or market your own services, or both. 

8. Freelancing

The gig economy is not just recession-proof, but it is the future. Freelancers such as writers, web developers, and designers, graphic designers, SEO specialists, editors, social media managers, and so on are needed. And there is always work for them. Always. 

9. Chat Agent For Large Corporations

If you don’t want to create your own business or go through extensive training to be a medical transcriptionist, for instance, then you can become a remote chat agent. Large corporations such as Amazon and American Express need remote chat agents. You will need to also know that you will have to work in shifts, but if you work outside of the home, you are used to that anyway. 

Therefore, now that you know of a list of recession-proof jobs you can do from home, you won’t have to worry about being left high and dry if you lose your job. These jobs are also ones that will be hot in the future, regardless of the economy down the road. And, here is something else very important for you to know! If you don’t know where to start your search for jobs, you will want to try Jooble, the extensive job search engine. If you in Canada, try Jooble Canada!

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