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Miriam Rachel


If you are feeling stressed, depressed or overweight, bone broth could be exactly what you have been waiting for.?It is a great food for treating skin, reducing weight, improving mood and boosting brain function ? this is according to?Chris Kresser, bestselling author and health coach. Real foods like bone broth can be the foundation for addressing a range of maladies, including depression and anxiety. The role of bone broth in calming the anxious mind and improving mood has been well-documented in the book The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution. Also, broths cooked with boney meats improve the immune system by balancing hormones and body processes.

The nutrition quotient

When animal bones are simmered in water for extended periods they unlock nutritional juices filled with gelatin, collagen, amino-acids, anti-inflammatory fats and minerals. Proline contained in gelatin improves skin elasticity, giving your skin a youthful glow. And the low fat content and abundance of omega 3s make bone broths the perfect fuel for weight watchers. Not only are they low in calories, they also contain easy-to-absorb nutrients. In other words,?bone broth is a?nutritional, healthy and tasty restorative.

Reduced stress and better mental health

Glycine, another amino acid found in gelatin slows down norepinephrine production, the main anxiety-inducing neurotransmitter. Thus,?eating bone broth on a regular basis?not only minimizes instances of anxiety and stress but also lessens their intensity. Glycine in bone broth also detoxifies cells and boosts brain function by improving alertness and memory. Studies have also demonstrated the role of?Glycine in correcting disordered sleep.

Creating the perfect elixir

Take your pick of your favorite meat on the bone, and roast it then?simmer. Alternatively, just use the bones themselves. Add vegetables, legumes, and herbs for added health benefits and flavor. The longer you cook a bone broth, the more concentrated it becomes. Roasting allows caramelization of the bones, adding depth of flavor and richness.?Blanching bones before roasting them?will ensure that they are cleaned of any impurities.

Cook your bone broth in the heaviest crockpot you have, adding just enough water to cover the ingredients and leave it to simmer as gently as you can. This will enhance the flavoring. Finally, cool the broth as quickly as possible as hot broth breeds bacteria. Just add some ice cubes to your hot broth and this will cool it efficiently quickly and effectively. ensuring it lasts as long as possible.

Bone broth is a fantastic?addition to our nutritional?arsenal, with the potential to?transforming not only physical but also, mental health. Why not give it a try?

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