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If you are like many Americans and are transitioning to working from home, check out these common distractions to avoid for remote workers to help you curb any adjustment struggles. 

Improper Work Environment

When you sit down to work, you want to be in a space conducive to learning, where you can lock into the task at hand. If you constantly have to get up to get other work materials, you’ll never be able to find a flow. So, make sure you have everything for your day at arm’s length.

Once you equip your environment with the necessary office supplies, you’ll want to find a space where you feel comfortable to focus on your work. Whether that is at a desk or in a quiet study, you’re going to be spending an extended amount of time working where you are. So, if the room is partially busy or messy, you might not be able to get into the correct frame of mind. 

Digital Noise

When a team starts remote work, there are naturally more messages and emails exchanged throughout the day. Conversations that once could’ve been done in person now have to be done online, so your inbox will be filling up all day. In their efforts to keep remote employees engaged, companies have also started increasing meetings and company check-ins. 

All the notifications on your computer can get very distracting. Jumping between your chats and projects can create a lot of dead time in the day as you move between thoughts. To solve this, consider muting unimportant chats you might be a part of. Another solution would be to set “Do Not Disturb” hours into your schedule where you can spend an hour or two to focus entirely on the task at hand. 

Cell Phones and Television

Technology is the most helpful tool in the business world and a necessity of remote work; it also is a massive distraction. While you might think you’re a great multitasker, you most likely will work faster and more efficiently without the interference of a screen. If you only use your phone for personal reasons, consider placing it in another room to remove the temptation altogether. 


One of the most significant advantages of working from home is the opportunity to spend more time with your family. But, when you’re working from home, your work-life balance must take on a new meaning. It’s vital that since your house is now also your office, that you can separate the two.

Every remote worker needs to find a quiet space in their home where they can focus away from the distraction of home life. That way, you have an area dedicated to work, and on the flip side, you should also have relaxing spots where work is banned. 

By staying aware of the common distractions to avoid for remote workers, you should not only be a more effective employee, but you’ll have an easier time doing so. 

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