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If you wear a mask to protect others from COVID and you have plans to get the vaccine (or you have been one of the fortunate ones to get the vaccine at this point), you are made fun of and called a sheep. You are called a sheep for believing the media and for trusting the government. And really, if that makes you a sheep, then it is better to be a sheep that saves someone from COVID – and you should be a sheep who stays healthy.

I have to say I find it utterly amusing that the ones who trust science are told they are sheep. Perhaps those who are taking precautions for COVID are the ones who are listening to virologists, scientists, and other doctors. That does not exactly make them sheep. Just because you take these precautions does not mean you necessarily trust and believe in the government, because I sure don’t. The government doesn’t really care about you. In fact, the government is notorious for not even listening to scientists and doctors either. That is why they messed up with this pandemic in most places around the world. I also know that the media blows things out of proportion and makes their money through link-bait articles.

But I mask up when I go out, and I have every intention of getting the COVID vaccine when it is my turn to get it, which has nothing to do with listening to the government or the media. I listen to science. I trust science. That is why. And if that makes me a sheep anyway, so be it. I could not care less. And I find it utterly amusing that the only ones who call us who take precautions sheep are conspiracy theorists.

Newsflash: Conspiracy Theorists Are The Biggest Sheep Around


The ones who call those who listen to science sheep are conspiracy theorists. They are the ones who think the pandemic is a ‘plandemic’, and they are the ones who think that there is a chip in the vaccine to track you. That is incredibly hilarious because the devices they use to spread their ridiculous conspiracy theories track them. That they don’t even think about? Of course not. They believe it because other conspiracy theorists say the same thing, and they learned that from other conspiracy theorists. And anyone who allows themselves to be brainwashed by conspiracy theorists and begins to post memes on their social media about the ‘plandemic’ and ‘the vaccine has a chip to track you’ have joined the herd!

The group of anti-maskers and other science deniers joined the herd as well, and they are the ones who follow each other around. They follow each other around when they protest in cities by not wearing masks, and they follow each other around by spreading misinformation, which can be dangerous. Here is the biggest laugh. They laugh at you for trusting science because they say that ‘you cannot think for yourself.’

Well, that is the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it? They allow themselves to be brainwashed by other conspiracy theorists instead of having any thoughts to ignore the garbage they spew and to read scientific journals instead. With that being the case, who really are the sheep?

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