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This new plague is causing a lot of upheavals. Thanks to the COVID-19, there are travel bans being implemented. Some cities are in lockdown and the cities that are not in lockdown are making preparations for the possibility. This is why people are hoarding toilet paper and canned goods, as well as other necessities just in case it happens. It is safe to say that the Coronavirus is having a negative impact on the economy since businesses are not running as usual. Aside from that, my daughter’s school just announced that they will be closed for 2 weeks after March break due to the fact that many people are still traveling. No school until April 6th.

And many companies in Canada, as they should, are implementing a rule for employees who have traveled to stay quarantined for 2 weeks when they return. This results in more absenteeism. And what about those who are sick? Oh yeah, they must be home as well! This is turning into an economic crisis, and a recession will follow – as it was inevitable to happen anyway. But is there a silver lining?

Absolutely there is. You may potentially be locked at home for a while, going out of your mind, while quickly getting tired of eating Kraft Dinner or Campbell’s soup. But who says you still cannot be productive and make money? This is the time to strongly consider freelancing.

This is the time to get paid for your skills and to get yourself out there. Why not open up an account at, and follow this tutorial I had done last summer on how to create a great one. You can open up accounts at or if you want But the reason I strongly suggest Fiverr is due to the fact that you don’t have to bid for jobs. Jobs that you will end up only earning pennies for that are worth so much more.

You can also set your own prices on Fiverr as well, but you want to be reasonable. This is really the best time to work from home. And if freelancing is not what you want to do, there are other work-at-home options that may be better fitting. Be sure to read the post I had written about different opportunities for working at home, as well as a list of great blogs to follow in that post.

These work-at-home bloggers have screened all home business opportunities as well since there are a lot of scams. So it is the best time to take the best advantage of those. That is if you are feeling that freelancing is not the right thing for you to do. It is not right for everyone. But if you want to give it a try, I suggest that you do.

Yeah, the Coronavirus has shaken up life and the world. But when it comes to these types of shakeups, you are forced to look into other opportunities and other factors. Working from home whether you become a freelancer or a remote worker for a large corporation may become your new reality! And even once things do normalize again (as they will), you may not want to go back after having a taste of the work-at-home lifestyle.

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