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When you’re working hard to further your career, having confidence in your abilities is one of the fundamental keys to success. Not only does it give you the courage you need to step out of your comfort zone, but it also allows you to present your most professional self. For women, confidence plays a vital role in all aspects of life—and the workforce is no exception. If you want to feel more in control of your path in life, use these ways professional women can increase their confidence at work.

Take Pride in Your Appearance

While it might seem unrelated at first, try to build up your appearance. Skin care, in particular, can improve self-confidence by increasing an individual’s self-esteem and fostering a more positive outlook on their environment. The more comfortable you feel about yourself and how you look to the world, the more likely you are to feel like you can handle anything the workforce throws at you. This, in turn, makes you more confident in the skills you bring to the table.

Develop Skills That Make You Stand Out

Speaking of skills, it also helps to develop a unique set of abilities that makes you stand out among your peers. Differentiating yourself from the crowd is essential to recognition for your talents, and with this comes a newfound confidence in yourself. Don’t hesitate to study for a new specialization or devote some of your downtime to honing your knowledge and craft. It’s always well worth the effort.

Get In the Habit of Speaking Up

Another way professional women can increase their confidence is by empowering themselves to speak up in group settings. By sitting back and not speaking up, we let our power slip away. This makes us afraid to vocalize our thoughts in the future and undermines the work we did to get to this point in our careers. Practice getting your ideas out there.

Learn To Say No

You should learn how to say no to others if you want to have more confidence in yourself. Though it’s always good to help out your peers, sometimes, you need to focus more on your own workload and expectations. Understanding where to draw the line and having the courage to stick to your determination can go a long way in protecting your mental health. This also means that, when you do decide to assist, you can make better use of your time.

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