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At some point, anyone who has ever had a job experiences the pressures of work-related stress. Whether you work retail during the holiday season or an office job preparing for a quarterly benchmark, you’re bound to feel the tension. However, when work stress becomes overwhelming, it can affect your body, harming your mental and physical health. Stress can take over your life.

Although you can’t avoid every stressful element of the job, you can take small steps to ease your stress and worries. Here are some healthy ways to cope with stress from work to help you have a more productive and stress-free day.

Start Your Day Off With Positivity

Starting your day off on the right foot can immensely change your perspective of your day. Instead of scrambling in the morning, prepare your day the night before. Eliminating stress at night and focusing on your priorities in the morning will allow you more time to eat a nutritional breakfast, journal, or meditate before work.

Plan Out Your Work Day

Every job has benchmarks or goals you must reach weekly, month, or quarterly. Understanding your job’s requirements and planning your workday will help ease work-related stress. Being organized will help you avoid job burnout while also helping you get ahead on your work. Make sure to pace yourself and keep your work area organized to keep you from losing items or forgetting about work.

Take a Small Walk During Lunch

Sometimes we need time away from our desks. Take a short walk outside your work area during your lunch break to get fresh air. Use this time to take deep breaths and reflect on your day. Identify what’s making you feel overwhelmed and how you can minimize your stress. However, don’t forget to eat a healthy lunch on your break!

Listen to Your Favorite Songs at Work

Listening to songs that make you want to groove is the best way to keep your spirits high during the workday. Music offers many health benefits, including relieving stress. Listening to uplifting, optimistic songs throughout the day can help you feel better and possibly help you do more work.

Keep Your Work at Work

The most important and healthiest way to cope with stress from work is to keep work at the workplace. Taking your work home, checking emails, or finishing work off the clock can lead to work-related stress. If you work from home, create a space dedicated to working, and after work hours, leave that space vacant.

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