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Whether you run a business or are a part of the workforce, you know that it always seems like there is something else to do. Having to be “on top” of everything at all times becomes stressful and can lead to burnout. That is why it’s important to learn how to settle your thoughts when they go haywire. These are helpful tips to soothe your ruminating mind.

Deep Breathing

One of the most helpful tips to soothe your ruminating mind is learning the art of breathing. Often, people will find their breathing shortening when their minds are in a tizzy, which is a natural bodily response. However, when you’re constantly in this state, it strains your nervous system, and you might short circuit. Learn how to be mindful of your breathing whenever you find yourself with anxiety to avoid that; through the art of deep breathing, you will calm your nervous system and get your mind back on track.

Herbal Teas

Herbal tea is an all-around great way to relax, and you can even make your own blend for circular thoughts. Try teas with lavender, chamomile, valerian root, and passionflower to soothe your anxiety—you can find these herbs in many calming tea blends. The process of creating your preferred combination, finding your favorite mug, heating water in the kettle, and brewing your tea can be a ritualistic practice that brings great comfort.


Cooking a hearty and delicious meal is an oft-forgotten way to soothe your mind and body. In the same vein as making tea, cooking is a ritual that keeps you in the present moment, and it gives you a goal you can easily achieve. The satisfaction of having an achievable goal is something you will appreciate since many of your goals in the workforce tend to be long-term. What’s more, cooking is an excellent opportunity to spend valuable time with your loved ones, which is another great way to detach yourself from a hard day’s work.

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