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I normally write a post of this nature on New Year’s Eve. However, I am writing it earlier than that. That is because I cannot wait to express my thoughts about this year. Yes, it is not over, and we can always end up dealing with Godzilla stomping down the streets, tearing down buildings sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And really, I could go on and on about how WWIII was almost started, along with the pandemic raging not long after that during the start of the year. And I could add the murder hornets in there. But what is the point? The pandemic causing all of these shutdowns, resulting in lost business and increased mental health problems, is enough.

What this pandemic did was something else. It revealed everything about humanity. You saw the selfless frontline workers working like dogs to help patients afflicted with COVID. There were a few people who were socially distanced and wore masks to help manage the spread. Sadly, there were not many of them around because COVID exposed the ugly side of humanity a lot more. Tragically, there are so many more selfish and entitled brats among us than there are selfless people. Most of these selfish brats are conspiracy theorists. And that is not the worst part about it.

A majority of these conspiracy theorists are the ones who are either super ‘religious’ or are those New Age ‘love and lighters.’ Before I elaborate, I am going to share that I am far from perfect fully. I admit it, at the start of this, I was resentful we had to be stuck at home and that everything had to be locked down to protect the vulnerable and elderly. What I resented was that I knew damn well that these lockdowns would create an increase of mental health problems – that seemed to be less important at the time than protecting the vulnerable and elderly. And before you judge me, I still obeyed anyway and stayed home unless I had to run essential errands. I still socially distanced, wore my mask, and all of that despite how I felt.

I will explain why I felt the way I did. It was a knee-jerk response; I guess you would say. You know, all I was told over the years to ‘snap out of my depression’ because I could have it much worse. I mean, ‘I could have cancer‘, right? Or, my needs at the time when I cared for my son with special needs was not at all important as I was expected to pull my big girl panties up to care for him despite how I felt. That only caused more harm than good in the end, as he is no longer in my care (and boy, oh boy, I am so thankful because it would have been a nightmare otherwise during the pandemic). However, the more I thought about it over time, I realized that my views on it were selfish, and I realized I was reacting out of impulse based on how I was treated in the past. I reacted based on the fact that my mental illness was not taken seriously by many.

Despite how I felt, I still did the right thing. And by the way, before you call me a ‘sheep,’ no. I trust science, not the government. I question what the government does as well. Especially when they decided to lockdown businesses but not box stores and schools? That is fucked, so I agree the government does not have it together. I listen to medical experts and doctors, to which the government is notorious for ignoring. And I wanted to do the right thing based on what doctors say. Despite how I felt, I would have felt quite guilty if I was an asymptomatic carrier of COVID and someone I was in contact with got seriously sick or passed it onto someone who got sick.

And I know reasonable and down-to-earth people would not go around calling me a ‘sheep’ and would agree with what I am saying. It is only the conspiracy nuts that do that. And here is the thing. Several groups fall into the conspiracy nuts. One large percentage of them are the New Age narcissists. Those who say ‘love and light,’ and ‘we are one,’ and ‘I am so evolved.’ Yet, they are the ones who poke fun at you if you struggle in any way at all. They are the ones who throw toxic positivity at you ad nauseam. You go through something tragic, and they tell you ‘positive vibes only’ or ‘you will get over it.’ Oh, I could go on. And their attitude towards mental illness always made me sick.

However, 2020 brought another gruesome side to them that wasn’t seen so much before. Even though they profess ‘love and light,’ they will be quite vicious towards you if you trust science. They call you a ‘sheep’ for wearing a mask, and they are the worst anti-vaxxer group around. Instead, they say either essential oils will cure you of COVID, or your immune system will if you take care of it. Let’s not forget that they will downright shame you for not being in good health because of poor nutrition or if you have health conditions. Therefore, this is an example of their view: It is your fault if you are overweight due to being on medication for depression that you should snap out of. And because you are overweight, you are the reason COVID will kill you, and I should not be responsible for wearing a mask and staying away from you to keep a lazy ass like you safe!!!

These are the people who profess ‘love and light.’ LET THAT SINK IN! There is also another part of those New Agers that even think COVID is a hoax or that it is no worse than the flu. How would the families who lost their loved ones to the virus react if they heard that? And they are also going out of their way to spread dangerous conspiracy theories about the vaccine.

I don’t really consider myself pro-vax, as some vaccines I question. I always do my heavy-duty research before agreeing to get any vaccine. I am well aware that the ODD time strange reactions can happen, but if a vaccine has been tested thoroughly, the pros outweigh the cons. And yes, my son may have autism, but vaccines did not do a damn thing to him. My daughter had the same ones, and she is fine. I know this because he had a traumatic birth, and the signs were even there when he was a newborn, even though I did not see it at the time. But looking back, it was apparent, and this was long before he had any inoculations.

The one thing that the average person fears about the COVID vaccine, understandably so, is that they think it was rushed. The truth is, no, it was not. This vaccine was worked on after the original SARS breakout in 2003. Since the virus died out, the efforts to create the vaccine fully was abandoned. However, the formula was created, and they used that one for these vaccines coming out. It seemed rushed because the red tape was removed since the reason it had to be tested was due to the pandemic raging out of control. They still went through the proper trials and tests. If they didn’t do that, then okay. There is a valid worry there. But that didn’t happen.

The truth is the only way that this pandemic will go is a mix of people getting vaccinated as well as those having natural antibodies from surviving COVID. So my question to this anti-vaxxer group (or any anti-vaxxer group) is this: Are you willing to get COVID to help build herd immunity? Oh wait, let’s not forget about those ‘love and lighters’ who think COVID is a hoax as well. They say the government is spreading around fear and lies about COVID, umm for what? I don’t think they are lying about how many hospital admissions there are and how many COVID deaths happened.

I recommend you if you are on the fence about getting the COVID vaccine, I understand. It would be best if you had your questions answered, and I still have questions about it as well that I will be asking. Therefore, please ask medical experts and doctors, DO NOT RELY ON ANTI-VAXXERS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH ACCURATE ANSWERS! Stay away from asking anyone who only believes in holistic medicine (nothing wrong with holistic medicine as long as you are open to modern and Western medicine and don’t spread anti-vax fear).

Why do I care so much about the anti-vax New Agers than other anti-vax groups? Well, it is not that I care more about one group than the other. They all suck! They all are dangerous conspiracy theorists. However, I have always had an issue with these New Agers for a long time based on their attitude regarding mental illness. They also are not the only ignorant ones about mental illness. They get under my skin the most because they are known to have that ‘holier than though’ mindset, along with being the kings and queens of toxic positivity.

Let’s also not forget that I do astrology charts and tarot readings, and unfortunately, those New Age nuts do that as well. And thanks to them, those who are into metaphysics and spirituality have a bad reputation. It isn’t delightful, really. However, the good news is that I have met a group of those like myself who not only agree with me but are just as angry with them as I am.

Therefore, 2020 exposed how shameful so many people are, and it just gave me more of a reason to hate these New Age nuts even more than I did in the past. My advice is to ignore what they say, what any other conspiracy theorist says, and do your research by talking to medical professionals and reading medical journals about vaccines or other treatments. If you decide the vaccine is not for you after researching legitimate sources and talking to medical professionals, then that is okay. It may not be right for everyone. But my gosh, do NOT listen to these conspiracy anti-vax New Age nuts or of any other group.

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