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Maybe you work remotely, and you’re worried about how much time you spend seated in a day. Maybe you work in the office, and you’ve noted a few of your coworkers using standing desks. No matter how you discovered these desks, it’s essential to know that standing desks can benefit your health in many different ways. If you’re curious about getting one, read on to explore several benefits that will help cement the deal for you.

It Burns Calories

As it turns out, getting a standing desk can help you burn calories. You’re more likely to walk around, move, or stretch when you’re standing. If you’re trying to embrace an active lifestyle or motivate yourself to take a break from your screen, it might be time to update your office furniture. Opt for a standing desk to allow yourself to move and separate yourself from your desk setup.

Boosts Your Mood and Focus

This is an especially valuable benefit if you find yourself falling asleep throughout the day or losing focus. The option to transition between standing or sitting makes people more productive because it makes them feel healthier overall. Standing while working can also provide a mood boost, so a standing desk might be useful if you feel drained or anxious during the workday.

It Improves Your Ergonomics

You don’t have to conform to a poorly designed chair. Limiting the time you spend sitting and instead alternating postures at a standing desk can help reduce pain and strain. Moving between sitting and standing as needed can significantly decrease lower and upper back pain, mitigate neck pain and improve your overall posture. These are just a few ways a standing desk can greatly improve your health. 

In short, there are many benefits to getting a standing desk. If you’re shopping for your home office, don’t worry—it also won’t break your wallet.

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