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There are mixed views on tarot and not everyone accepts it because they fear it, and really there is nothing to fear but I understand that it’s not for everyone. And tarot goes against the religious beliefs of many, and that is fine. I don’t judge as long as no one judges me for using it. Personally, I think it is a great tool and it is not only meant to be used to predict the future. It is a great tool to use to analyze and to understand what is going on in a situation and how you are reacting to it.

Therefore, I think tarot cards are a great tool for getting a deep understanding of yourself and gaining the insight you need. In fact, a lot of people are using tarot cards to help them work with mental illness. I don’t personally think it is something that should replace therapy. Especially if part of someone’s treatment plan is to work with a licensed therapist in addition to the medication that they need to take to treat their mental illness.

But it is a great tool to use in between therapy sessions so they can explore how they handle situations that they are in which may be troubling. They can use it as well to gain insight into situations that bring them a lot of discomfort by taking it apart. If people were more open to the idea of using tarot to gain insight on things that are troubling people instead of its use for only divination, they would be more open to the use of the tool.

However, there are some therapists that are open to tarot and there are others who are not. If you happen to really like using it whether you use it for divination or to gain insight, and you are struggling with mental health – you will want to find a therapist who is open to using it. Perhaps you can discuss the cards you have pulled and the meaning behind it, and the therapist can give you further insight into the meaning behind it as well. That could be quite powerful when it comes to healing and managing mental health better.

If you are into the tarot and you are not overly concerned about finding a therapist who is open to it, then that is okay too. That is completely up to you. But it is a great tool for mental health healing. And a licensed social worker named Jessica Dore uses tarot cards and reads them for therapeutic purposes.

Each morning she shares a card on Twitter that is relevant to major areas in people’s lives such as relationships or areas of life you are feeling guilty about – and shares the interpretation which has been helpful for many people. This is a great thing she is doing and more therapists should be doing the same thing. Here is an example.

If tarot is used in conjunction with the right type of therapy, as well as the right type of mental health treatment, it could all be quite powerful!

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