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I know. What is going on is surreal. A sudden virus that can be deadly to many but not to others has been circulating which literally came out of nowhere has changed everyone’s life. Even though there are no outbreaks in Canada other than some isolated cases, a semi-lockdown has taken place in order to help slow the spread. Schools are closed for several weeks. The doctor’s offices are even not operational. My daughter’s wisdom teeth procedure that was supposed to happen tomorrow has to be rescheduled.

Restaurants are closing their dine-in areas but are still operational for delivery and takeout. Public events have been canceled. Cinemas, stadiums, and other community centers are closed. Events have to be postponed, and no one saw any of this coming. This is why the right tarot card that comes up which describes 2020 so far is the Tower.

The Tower tarot card from my Mystic Mondays deck.

If you don’t know anything about tarot, The Tower represents upheavals and sudden destruction. However, usually what results is something brand new being able to come in once something old has been suddenly destroyed. You can read about the Tower tarot card here.

You get the idea of how strong the fear is of COVID-19. However, extreme measures have to take place because if they are not, the spread is more likely to happen. Hospitals will be overcrowded. And those who need unrelated medical care will be screwed. And this has caused people to display panic buying behavior. The first thing that people grab in supermarkets is toilet paper. This is the picture of what a typical toilet paper and paper towel rack nowadays look like.

This picture was taken by yours truly at Longo’s supermarket. Just unbelievable. And other goods have been snatched up. People are hoarding because they think it’s the end of time. However, because of the fact that this virus can spread easily, the smart thing to do really is to self-quarantine and stay home.

I am staying home except for doing my grocery shopping. And even though this is not completely useful, I do put rubber gloves on my hands as I am touching items in the supermarket.

As soon as I get home I always wash my hands well with soap and water. It is a strange time, and yes, it is inconvenient.

And, businesses are hurting. The old types of businesses are hurting that is. However, this whole situation creates a major opportunity for those who want to work at home. Be sure to read my last post, Coronavirus: A Reason To Start Freelancing Now.

If freelancing is not your cup of tea, then you need to look for opportunities that allow you to work from home. Don’t fall into the MLM trap, and besides that would not do you much good anyway since it is really best to stay isolated socially (except for online).

However, this is a time when home businesses will rise, as there are plenty of recession-proof opportunities you can get into. What are they? Well, stay tuned. Because that will be the next post. All I am saying here is that yes, crazy and unpredictable things have been happening. Yes, this is forcing us to change our lifestyles against our will. And yes, this is a time when it is really the best time to work from home regardless of whether you become a freelancer or not. More to come soon.

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