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Working in-office and remote both have varying advantages and disadvantages depending on the individual. As things begin to reopen, you have to decide whether to continue working from home or go into the office. While some love the freedom of remote work, others need the comradery achieved when working in the office.

Reasons To Work Remote

As you search for answers to the question, “Is working remote or in-office more effective?” begin by reviewing the outcomes. Many find that they’re more productive at home than in the office since it’s easier to control their work environment. Likewise, people are more likely to take breaks as needed during a shift due to its convenience.

While working from home is more productive for some, it has its disadvantages. The lack of personal interaction can impact mental health and sometimes negatively affect communication. For example, you can’t see body language through an email.


Working from home has some disadvantages. For example, your Wi-Fi or cellular signal may go down often. This isn’t just frustrating but also stressful, so investigate ways to boost your cellular signal to keep connected no matter where you are.

Reasons To Work In-Office

In addition, to improved communication, working in the office boosts employee morale and can be less distracting for some. Not only that, but it becomes easier for a new-hire to understand their job and expectations when they go in the office for training.

Of course, working in-office doesn’t come without disadvantages. As explained, many noticed spikes in productivity when employees had to work remotely due to the pandemic. This is in part because many workers feel more pressured in the office. Additionally, a long commute can make the workday feel much longer.

Which Option Is Best?

Deciding whether working remotely or in-office more is effective depends on your needs as an individual. Working from home every day may mean losing out on the social interactions you need to feel fulfilled if you’re a social butterfly. On the contrary, working from home could mean spotty Wi-Fi and phone connection, making the workday stressful.

Whether you work remotely or in the office, remember to take brain breaks as needed and find ways to interact with coworkers. After all, the most important thing is that you keep your day-to-day comfortable and productive.

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