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They say ?money can’t buy you happiness?. This kind of sentiment is usually taken for granted and that would be the end of it. But, the premise of this saying has been actually tested, researched, and, unsurprisingly, proven to be right. Material possessions can’t give you happiness. But experiences, memories, and meaningfulness sure can.
Jewelry happens to be one of those material things. Even if you were to buy the shiniest diamond necklace, the ?high? of possessing something so valuable will quickly wear off.
But it is my belief that it can indeed have a positive influence on your well-being. Not as a sparkling beauty accessory, although that does sound enticing, at least at first. However, jewelry can also act as a reminder of happy memories, tough battles you have overcome and won, give you confidence and calm you down when you need it the most. Here are just a few examples of how unassuming trinkets to others can serve as so much more to you.

Jewelry Knows No size
Although the body positivity has been finally put on the radar in the last couple of years, we still have a long way to go. It is extremely hard to overcome self-confidence and body image issues when keep running into the same dead end while shopping ? lack of diversity in sizes of clothes. But jewelry knows no sizes.
You can always find a necklace or earrings that would make your whole look light up giving you an unparalleled boost of confidence. It is your exclamation point, your armor, and your ally in keeping true to your body positivity lifestyle.

Memories and Milestones
Jewelry can commemorate important steps you have taken in your life. I’m not exactly talking about wedding bands although they do share the sentiment. I’m talking about the simplest jewelry that can mean the world to you. It can remind you of the moments that have led you here, struggles you have overcome, or remind you of your lifelong motivations when reality seems too suffocating.
Think about jewelry you share with your significant other. Or the semicolon jewelry for mental health awareness. Or the first necklace you bought when you moved to a whole new city. These experiences and milestones are what really counts and can keep you going during tough times.

Calm and Focus
Needless to say, mental illness even when managed can be a constant nuisance in an everyday life. One second you are completely calm. The next, your anxiety is acting up and you are panicking over something unknown. Does that sound familiar to you?
Another scenario involves you fidgeting in one place unable to calm your mind down and focus or do the simplest task put in front of you.
Fortunately, jewelry that you can fiddle with can prove to act as an outlet for those anxieties. Moreover, it has been noted that accepting your lack of control over everything helps in dealing with sudden waves of anxiety. Why not get a pin or a bracelet with the same message for such times?

Aromatherapy and Healing
For the longest of times, jewelry with gems has been assigned healing powers. It is argued that certain gems can fend off or redistribute negative energy. Some people remain skeptical as to the hidden powers of gems, but if you do believe in them then this is another proof that jewelry is more than just shiny trinkets.
Additionally, aromatherapy jewelry has truly come forward. Now, you can find beautiful pendants or lava stones that can hold or absorb essential oils. The pleasant smell of such oils can certainly have a calming or uplifting influence on your well-being.

It is often said that every piece of jewelry tells a story, your story. By choosing the right jewelry that brings you not only material satisfaction but also has an impactful meaning, you can have it tell the most beautiful story yet. A story that is uplifting, sometimes filled with curbs and turns, but yours nonetheless.

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