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You did not reach your success alone—you’ve undoubtedly had some help along the way. Your employees work so hard for you, making it essential to show them how much you appreciate all their efforts. Use these little gestures to show your appreciation and make your employees feel valued.

Check-In on Them

A simple check-in goes a long way. Your employee might be having a hard time juggling work and their personal life, and with you simply checking in, you’ve opened the door for communication.

They will feel comfortable coming to with future issues or inviting you to celebrate their recent successes with them. All you need to do is drop in and say a quick hello. Ask them how things are going in their lives so that they know you see them as more than just your employee.

Remember the Little Things

Remembering the finer details about your employees shows them you pay attention and regard them in high esteem. Simple things like remembering their coffee order or asking how a parent-teacher conference went really emphasize how important they are to your company. You might even stop by and ask them about a recent game that was on TV the night before involving one of their favorite teams.

This small effort shows them that they are on your mind, and knowing the little details helps ease the tension between employer and employees. They will likely feel that you see them as more than someone at a desk.

A Basket of Appreciation

Show your appreciation for all their hard work with a nice employee gift basket. If they played a huge part in a project or just reached a milestone in the company, send over a present. Gift baskets are great because you have so many options to choose from.

This option offers gifts inside gifts, allowing you to stuff the basket with so many treats and objects of appreciation. Give them a proper pat on the back with this gift and watch how they continue to go above and beyond for you and the rest of the team.

Regard Them As Individuals

No one employee is the same. The worst thing a manager can do is lump them all together and treat them as one. Don’t make this same mistake. Understand that your employees are people outside of the office. They have lives and other responsibilities they must cater to. Recognize this and show it.

When they complete a job to perfection, don’t just reward the entire team. Call out key players and reward every member accordingly. Simply addressing the department as a whole is not enough. Actively look for opportunities to reward your employees for their individual efforts.

Remember that it’s the small gestures that make your employees feel valued and appreciated. Remind them of how you need them and that the company succeeded through their efforts.

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