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When you heard that both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain lost their battles to mental illness very recently, it threw so many people for a loop. Why? That is because?that these two highly successful people- who appeared to have it all, really did not… not at all. The fact that they lost their battles this way is proof that even those who appear to have everything that a lot of people dream of also suffer within.

In fact, hearing about Anthony Bourdain losing his battle to something that he suffered from so silently was more shocking. Here is a man who had all of his dreams come true, traveled the world, and had a gorgeous daughter. And yet, he was dying inside. And he covered it up very well, like all of those who have a severe mental illness but are extremely high functioning anyway.

When we heard about Chris Cornell and?Chester Bennington losing their battles to depression last year, it was shocking on some level. However, it was also not a surprise that these musicians suffered from mental illness. If you were to listen to?Chester Bennington’s lyrics, you could easily see how much he was suffering.

However, Anthony Bourdain was the last individual that anyone would think that was suffering so much too. That said, those who appear to have it all may not. That also means to check up on your friends who are always so strong and/or cheerful. They may be suffering silently too, and you would never know.

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