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Miriam Rachel psychic scams

Going into the psychic business, if you have the ability (we all do to some extent, but some have it better than others like anything else in life) sounds like a great thing to do. Right? If you are an ethical individual who truly wants to help confused people by giving intuitive insight which can help them solve their issues- then there is no problem with that at all.

Unfortunately, the majority of those in the psychic industry are not very ethical. In fact, a big chunk of them are downright evil and will do everything they can in their power to swindle vulnerable and confused people. I’ve been a victim of that so I know, and have learned the hard way. I may suffer from depression, and as a result some could see me as easy prey. However, I am much smarter than that. At one time I wasn’t, but I sure am now. Depression does not equal naivety, but it can make you feel desperate about being in a hopeless situation. The desperation could hurt you. There seems to be more psychic scam artists out there, which unfortunately hurt the reputation of ethical intuitive coaches who want to help their clients by giving them good insight. Here are seven tips to look for in a psychic, who may be out to scam people.

1. Curse Removal. Many times, those who are dealing with the raw end of life- and are going through a tough time will understandably reach out to a psychic for guidance. Sadly, many of these psychics tell them that the reason they are struggling is because they are cursed. It is very easy to believe someone put a curse on you if you are having a very hard time. They will charge you an insane amount of money to “remove the curse”. Many people do fall for this. I am telling you right now, don’t! If any psychic tells you that you are cursed and will remove it for a fee, run! Life is tough, and life can be tougher for some more than others. It has nothing to do with curses.

2. Telling you News you Want to Hear. We all want to hear good news. However, in life there won’t always be good news. That is just life. If a psychic “predicts” that you will win the lottery, end up becoming a millionaire, be cured from an illness that is not curable by something magical, become a star, you get the idea- then run! It’s BS! A good quality intuitive coach or counselor will give you ideas on how to achieve the best outcome for something. That is as far as it could get.

3. Predicting the Future at all. I believe that some things in life are fated to happen. Some things are and aren’t meant to be. But that is a small part. We have free will. We can change the direction of our lives if we create a plan for it. Again, a good quality intuitive coach or counselor will give you suggestions on how you can expect the best outcome when it comes to something you are troubled about. But no one can ever predict the future. Ever.

4. Telling you that Things are Set in Stone. Go back to the paragraph above. Again maybe a handful of things are meant to happen, but for the most part, nothing is ever set in stone. If any psychic tells you this, then run.

5. If they Coax you to go Back for More Readings. Any good quality intuitive will not ever do that to anyone. If a psychic tells you to come back, save your money and don’t.

6. Tell you that Someone is Going to Die. I once had that experience with a psychic and she turned out to be wrong. To me, that is a horrific thing to do. A good quality intuitive may sense danger with someone close to you, but would never ever tell you that the person will die. He or she may caution you that problems may arise with this person. The intuitive is responsible to also state that it’s an energy he or she is feeling and cannot state anything further about it, and that he or she could be off.

7. Your Intuition is Telling you No. Use your intuition! I’m not talking about for the problems you want to inquire about that you are facing. I am talking about whether this psychic you are about to hire is a scammer or not. I understand that you may be feeling so desperate that you want any kind of guidance for a bad situation you are in. However, if you are feeling any kind of uncomfortable twinge, listen to that. It’s your intuition telling you to run.

I will tell you how these psychics scam people so easily. Most of them do have some intuitive gift. They will use it to reel you into their BS. They will be able to tap into areas of your life that no one else could have known about. Now you completely trust them, and they have you hooked. After that, their scam starts.

I do want to reiterate that there are a lot of good quality intuitive people out there who truly want to help (you notice I don’t call them psychics). Some do read tarot cards, and some may use other techniques to aid them with their intuition. Their reputations deserve to be protected, and many astrologers are honest as well. I am an astrologer but I am no longer practicing, but I do know of some good quality ones. If you are looking to receive intuitive guidance, please send me a message and I will point you to some trusted intuitives and astrologers. Be careful with who you hire for a psychic reading.

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