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In today’s times, it’s easier than ever to have access to the internet. Nearly everybody has a smartphone, and thanks to cellular data, we can connect to the internet without connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. An unfortunate side effect of always being connected is that it can lead to a reliance on our devices. Without realizing it, you may exhibit some common signs of a social media addiction.

You Check Your Social Media First and Foremost

Many people use their phones as alarm clocks, meaning they pick up their phones first thing in the morning. Checking your emails and social media accounts before you even get out of bed isn’t the healthiest relationship to have with your social media. Aside from waking up, an addict may use their phone immediately after any events, such as showers, meals, or getting off work for the day.

Scrolling Is a Hobby

Many people use social media to check the news or see what their friends and family are up to, but for some, scrolling through endless posts becomes the norm. One of the telltale signs that you have a social media addiction is when merely scrolling through your various feeds replaces other forms of recreation. Identifying scrolling’s prominence in your day is one of the first steps toward overcoming a social media addiction.

You Await Notifications

One of the side effects of social media is that we get notifications on our phones for all kinds of engagement with our content. For many people addicted to social media, these notifications cause small rushes of dopamine in their brains, creating a temporary feeling of joy that they then chase.

Social media is a wonderful thing that allows you to connect with friends and loved ones while staying informed. However, it’s vital not to let your social media accounts consume your life. Instead, work to maintain a healthy balance of how much you use it from day to day.

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