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You have likely noticed if you struggle more with your mental health, your environment will reflect that. The domain you live and work in is an extension of your innermost self, and if we can affect our surroundings, then our surroundings can affect us. When we think about this idea, we might only consider the bedroom, but with so many hours spent in our workspace, it is just as important. Here are some simple ways to clean up your office space.


If you have worked in your office for a while, you probably have a mountain of old paperwork ready to be thrown out. However, you might feel hesitant to do so as the contents of the paperwork may contain confidential information that shouldn’t be tossed in the trash.

Consider hiring a professional shredding service to lawfully rid your space of sensitive documents. Even if your documents are safe to deposit in the trash bin, these companies dispose of your paper in an environmentally friendly way. Moreover, they cut down on time spent sorting through and disposing of your paperwork. With a space clear of unnecessary documents, your mind can feel more at ease.

Tidy Desk Area

Tidying up as you go is another simple way to clean up your office space. Cleaning up right after finishing a task is a great habit to develop—you are much less likely to tidy up something that’s been sitting on your desk for days. Things can quickly pile up when you don’t clean as you go, which can discourage you and perpetuate an unhelpful cycle. Additionally, your mind will feel clearer and you’ll be more apt to stay focused on your work when your desk isn’t covered with unnecessary and distracting items.

Organization System

One of the biggest hurdles many people face when cleaning up is the lack of a proper organization system. If you don’t have an appropriate place to put each of your office items, you will start to view tidying up as an exhausting chore. Imagine how much easier cleaning will become when you have the right shelves and drawers for all your office supplies.

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