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Does the thought of going to work elevate your heart rate? Do you find yourself struggling to focus on daily tasks due to feelings of stress and unease? You could be dealing with workplace anxiety, which is quite common among American workers.

That doesn’t mean you’ll feel this way forever, though. Tackle your workplace anxiety and regain control of your thoughts with these simple tips.

Step Away and Zoom Out

When you deal with workplace anxiety every day, it’s easy to catastrophize and focus on every possible thing that can go wrong. Next time you feel yourself spiraling into worst-case scenarios, physically step away from your workspace.

If possible, go for a short walk outside to encourage yourself to look at the big picture. When you “zoom out” of your anxious thoughts, it’s easier to see how small and inconsequential they can be.

Get in Touch With Yourself

Have you been feeling more like a worker bee than a human being lately? As work-related stresses pile up in your head, you may lose touch with all of the things that make you uniquely you.

Surround yourself with reminders of your hobbies, interests, and other things about you that have nothing to do with your job. If you’re a spiritual person, wear a piece of meaningful jewelry to work every day; an immense benefit of spiritual jewelry is the reminder of your spiritual journey toward positivity. Adorn your workspace with things that make you smile, like pride flags or photos of loved ones.

Try Short-Term Coping Strategies

If you’ve ever had an anxiety attack at work, you know firsthand how it can impact your mood and productivity. Learn to recognize the signs of an oncoming attack, like racing thoughts, trembling hands, and excess muscle tension.

Next time you feel those thoughts getting the better of you, face them head-on with coping strategies that will pull you out of that spiral. Try one of the following:

  • Take a short break from your tasks to chat with a colleague whose company you enjoy.
  • Watch a funny video by your favorite comedian or YouTuber.
  • Try a deep breathing exercise to decrease your heart rate.
  • Use a guided meditation app to practice quick mindfulness exercises.

Know When To Ask for Help

If your workplace anxiety is seriously affecting your ability to do your job, reach out to someone with the ability to help you. Many employees hesitate to disclose anxiety disorders to management, but the Americans with Disabilities Act forbids employers from discriminating against employees with clinical anxiety. Your manager can help you brainstorm accommodations that will empower you to perform your job more easily.

While anxiety in the workplace can feel like a monster at times, it is one you can tackle. Use these simple tips when you feel those panicky thoughts coming on, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

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