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Do you find yourself struggling to get through the workday? Does it seem like everyone else has time management down, but you can’t get it? We’re here to help you learn some vital time management skills so you can get back on track. Here are some smart tips for managing time better through the workday.

Time Block

Start by time blocking your day. What does this mean? It’s similar to creating a to-do list, except you’re breaking up your day into smaller blocks of time. 

Sure, you may have a daily meeting schedule that determines how the day runs, but what about those blocks of time when you’re not in meetings or waiting for a client response? Those small areas are where you improve your productivity. Perhaps you can use that time to take a five-minute break or set up the next task so that you’re ready to go.

Time blocking works because it’s less daunting than looking at a full day of tasks you have to complete. When you have a full list of things to do, it can be overwhelming and ultimately push you to avoid the tasks altogether.

At the beginning of your workday, time block one to two hours of deep focus and get the most demanding tasks out of the way to have an easygoing rest of the day. You’d be surprised how far focus time can get you!

Turn Off Notifications

Put the phone away. Our phones are time killers, and it’s important to keep them in check, especially when we’re on the clock. If you use your phone for work, turn off notifications to feel less tempted to scroll through social media.

Most phones now offer a “focus” option, allowing you to choose who and what you get notifications from, which can help boost productivity.

Take a Break

It’s important to take a break in between every task you complete. If you finished a group of similar tasks or one big project, celebrate your work! If you sit at your computer for eight hours trying to get things done, you’re going to burn yourself out, and then the next day, you won’t get anything done.

Take a five-minute break and refresh your mind by doing something non-work-related, like taking a few deep breaths or even moving your body with a 30-second dance break! If you work from home, try to take your refresher in another room to separate relaxation from work.

Be Patient With Yourself

The most critical thing to remember is to be easy on yourself. Not many people realize how COVID-19 has impacted the workplace. Whether we know it or not, the pandemic affected us in every aspect of our lives. If your drive and productivity are slower than it was before 2020, you’re not alone. 

These smart tips for managing time better through the workday will help you get back on track and start loving work again. Take it a day at a time, and stay committed to yourself!

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