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Mental health professionals employ different psychological techniques. Counseling, for example, is sometimes used, and reiki is sometimes used as well. In addition, tarot cards are a less-known but still popular mental health technique.

Here’s what you should know about tarot cards and mental health:

Tarot: What Is It?

Through symbols and visual images, Tarot can be considered divination in which future events are predicted or foretold. Tarot cards are used rather than dice or other tools like crystal balls to perform this magic task.

What Role Can Tarot Play in Mental Health?

Clients of mental health professionals may be asked to pick a card they believe will benefit their mental well-being.

For example, a mental health professional might ask the client to pick a card at random if they believe the client is suffering from depression. The mental health professional would use this card to help guide the patient through their mental health issues.

Alternatively, the mental health professional asks the client what specific questions they are trying to answer or understand about their mental well-being. Once the professional has responded to these questions, they will select random cards to offer insight into the mental health issue at hand.

Is Tarot Use A Good Idea for Mental Health Professionals?   

Some mental health care providers are skeptical about tarot, although mental health professionals believe it can be a helpful tool. Many mental health authorities think that tarot cards should only be used to add to other mental health practices rather than as a substitute. Professionals even suggest using the cards alongside counseling or hypnosis since clients will see them as credible.

“Tarot seems to be appealing because it’s very visual and concrete,” said Dr. Paul O’Brien, a clinical psychologist, and director of New York Behavioral Health hospital. “If mental health professionals use tarot as a tool, it should be used as an additional technique to working with clients.”

What Do Many Mental Health Professionals Think Of Tarot?

Both mental health care and tarot are concerned with people’s mental wellbeing, so many mental health professionals believe the two practices go together. 

Psychologists often use cards such as The Lovers or The Wheel of Fortune when explaining mental illness. Wheel of Fortunes may be seen in mental health care as a symbol of sudden change. Mental health professionals can also use tarot to show their clients that mental health problems are not always rational or predictable, which may help the clients feel less anxious about what may happen in the future.

As well as helping mental health professionals gain a deeper understanding of their clients, Tarot has also helped them gain insight into their own perspectives. “I sometimes find it helpful for my mental state to step outside myself and look at how I’m reacting to something. That’s one of the benefits of tarot … it allows you to take a break and think about what you’re doing,” said Dr. O’Brien.

Whether you are a mental health professional or just a layperson seeking insights into mental health, tarot cards offer insight into mental health.

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