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Sexual harassment training has been a long-standing portion of the onboarding process, and with good reason. While no federal law requires sexual harassment training, it is highly encouraged by the EEOC and can save employers and employees from uncomfortable situations and even trauma. We’ll review the importance of sexual harassment training and how it is more than just a shield to prevent lawsuits.

Gives People the Vocabulary Necessary To Express Themselves

Sexual harassment training is critical in giving people the vocabulary they need to express situations they’ve been in or are uncomfortable with. Many people aren’t familiar with what sexual harassment is or the differences between sexual harassment and sexual assault. Giving people the means to express themselves is one of the best ways to encourage workers to self-advocate and speak out. It can also help people who have experienced sexual harassment in the past understand things that happened to them.

Creates Positive Workplace Culture and a Safer Environment

Everyone is on the same page regarding behavioral expectations when they are up to speed on their sexual harassment training. While it may not be something at the forefront of people’s minds, it creates a sense of peace and community when everyone knows what to look for. Knowing your company cares about your safety improves overall mental health and productivity. However, in order to continue this positive workplace culture, employers must follow through appropriately if sexual harassment allegations arise.

Gets the Results You Want To See

Sexual harassment training prevents sexual harassment situations from arising and helps employees resolve issues before they escalate. For example, suppose someone makes an inappropriate sexual joke. In that case, an employee can feel safe knowing they can tell their coworker the comment made them uncomfortable, and it could genuinely be a one-time situation. This prevents minor issues from reaching HR and allows Human Resources to tackle issues that need more attention.

Now that you know why sexual harassment training is important, you’re better equipped to encourage employees and coworkers to engage in sexual harassment training and even take it into their own hands if your company does not mandate training. Sexual harassment training does more than just save companies from negligence lawsuits. But also improve the well-being of workers.

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