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Encouraging new customers to shop with your business is all about spreading the word and grabbing their attention. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through your business’s signage. Are potential customers ignoring your store signs? Discover some of the best tips for creating more readable business signs that will really catch people’s attention.

Double-Check Legibility

While designing and placing your store sign, there are several factors that go into its legibility. You want to be aware of these factors throughout the entire design process so that you’re not stuck with an ineffective sign design once you’ve ordered it. When designing your sign, make sure you check its contrast levels. Contrast will be a helpful determining factor regarding its readability from longer distances. Make sure that the text stands out enough from the surrounding colors and shapes in your logo. You can also utilize color psychology to make your sign more eye-catching.

Choose the Right Font

Font is another particularly important aspect to consider while designing your business signage. Font is also a factor that can aid or detract from your sign’s legibility and readability. You should also double-check your font during the design phase of your signage. The font should be large enough and bold enough to read from close or far distances. If you choose a decorative font, make sure that your logo or message doesn’t get lost in the details or become hard to read.

Find the Perfect Placement

Finally, once you’ve perfected your sign’s design and ordered it, it’s time to find the perfect spot to display it. When placing larger, outdoor signs, be careful to avoid spots that will be covered by trees or shadows. If you’re choosing a spot for smaller signs, make sure to place them prominently on your sidewalk or in display windows to catch the attention of passing customers. Double-check your placement at various times of day to make sure that it doesn’t catch a glare from the sun or become hidden in shadow.

Improving your store’s signage is one way to create a better store display and bring more customers through your door. Use these tips for creating more readable business signs to grab customers’ attention and bring more first-time patrons into your store.

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