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Whether it happened at work or on your own time, severe injuries can take a while to recover from. However, there will be times that you’ll need to return to work before you’ve fully healed. Regardless of your reasons for going back, there are key things to be aware of before your grand arrival, which is why we’ve created a list of tips for returning to work after an injury. These should help you make the process as seamless as possible.

Make Sure You’re Okay To Return

There is such a thing as going back to work too soon. Your doctor will likely inform you about when returning to work will be a possibility. They will do multiple checks to ensure that your body can handle your daily activities, especially if you work a physically demanding job.

Physicality is only one part of it, though. You need to consider your mental state as well. For example, if you were in a bad car accident, you could be experiencing PTSD or any number of other psychological issues. If you are really unsure as to how you’re feeling mentally, you might want to consult with a therapist before returning to work.

Keep Your Boss Informed

While you legally don’t have to tell your employer anything about your accident or injury, it still might be a good idea to let them know the basics of what happened. That way, they can better prepare for your arrival. If you need some accommodations to help you work, they will at the very least need to know about that. No employer wants to have info like that sprung on them at the last minute.

Be Ready To Handle Problems as They Arise

Talk to your doctor and therapist about what kinds of physical and mental problems you might run into upon returning to work. Once you know these, figure out a game plan on what you’ll need to do if your injuries resurface while you’re on the clock.

Like before, you don’t have to tell your boss or coworkers anything, but if you think you’ll need assistance in the case of an emergency, it would be a good idea to give them a head’s up. This will make your coworkers’ lives easier instead of panicking while you try to explain to them what they’ll need to do.

Go Easy on Yourself

Honestly, the best tip for returning to work after an injury that we can give you is to take it easy for a while. Your injury will make it more challenging to perform certain tasks than you’re used to, depending on the circumstances of your job. Your employer will understand this and not expect as much out for you for the first few weeks or even months, depending on the severity of your injuries. If you try to get back into your standard groove too soon, you might end up hurting yourself even worse, so don’t be afraid to take on a lighter load.

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