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Working from home is a significant change for many people. If you struggle to focus at home, trying to maintain your productivity can be overwhelming and lead to unnecessary stress. To ensure that you have an enjoyable work-from-home experience, try these tips to make your home office more productive.

Organize Your Desk

Messy desks tend to hinder productivity. The constant need to search your desk for files and notes takes precious time out of your workday. Maintaining a clean and organized desk is one of the best ways to increase productivity at home. Additionally, staying organized is one of the best ways to improve your company’s document security, so it’s especially helpful if you work with confidential information.

Find a Quiet Area

Another of the tips to make your home office more productive is to find a quiet area. It is usually difficult to maintain your focus in a noisy environment. Make sure to set up your home office in a calm and peaceful area of your home. If you can’t find a quiet space, don’t hesitate to put headphones on and play some music to help you focus.

Keep Distractions Out of Sight

Although it’s very tempting to check your phone or turn on the TV for some background noise, you need to keep any distractions away from your workspace. Place any handheld devices in a nearby drawer, and bring them out only during your breaks. This includes phones, video games, books, musical instruments, and anything else that could distract you from your work. Stay away from televisions or even talk radio if you think it will distract you. 

Make Your Space Comfortable

No one wants to work in an uncomfortable environment. Use a comfortable chair, an anti-glare screen, an ergonomic keyboard, and more to make your workspace a pleasant place to be. Sitting for long periods can take a toll on your body, so a comfortable workspace is essential for a healthy and productive environment.

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