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A healthy diet is important for the whole family. When children eat well they get the energy and the nutrients they need for their brain to grow, making it easier for them to concentrate and perform well at school. This can help to improve their overall confidence and mood – but it is just as important to make sure that you are eating well, too, especially if you live with a mental illness.

There are lots of different things that can help with?mental illness, from spirituality?to exercise?. But did you know that food can also be used to combat mental health problems? Recent research has found that specific healthy foods can reduce depression, anxiety and a number of other mental health issues. So exactly does nutritious food lift your mood and how can you ensure that your family has access to healthy meals even when you’re out and about?

Eat Fresh Fruit To Reduce Depression?

So why does healthy food help with depression? It could be because much like your brain, your gut has its own nervous system, which communicates with the brain using the vagus nerve. This is why you feel a little queasy when you are anxious ? and it could be why?certain foods can help combat mental illness. This is very useful information as?1 in 5 Canadians?have mental health problems, and altering our diets could help to reduce this number.

More studies back up these findings nearly two-thirds of people who don?t report mental health problems eat fresh fruit every day, compared with less than half of people who do report mental health problems. This pattern is fairly similar with salad and fresh vegetables, showing a link between diet and mental health.

And healthy food doesn?t just benefit people with mental health problems; it will also benefit their children! Encouraging children to develop healthy eating habits earlier in life is more likely to encourage lifelong healthy eating habits. This will benefit their overall health, and you could be helping to reduce their chance of mental health problems in the future.

Finding Healthy Food When You Are Eating Out

But while it is fairly easy to stock your fridge with healthy food using food delivery services and local shops, when it comes to eating out and takeaway it can be much harder. This isn’t ideal for most families, especially if you want to take your children out for a family meal. Thankfully it isn?t impossible, as there are lots of restaurants and caterers who provide delicious, healthy meals that help to combat mental illness.

Want to try improving your mental health with food? Here are some tips to help you seek out a healthy restaurant and takeout food.

There are lots of healthy restaurants and cafes in Canada. In fact,?mood boosting plant based foods?are becoming more popular in Canada, which means that it is easier than ever to find restaurants that serve delicious, healthy food. If you?re not sure where to start, consider some of the healthiest caterers in?the country,?such as Boston Market. This means you can eat?healthy food with fresh ingredients??without worrying about too much grease, sugar or salt! You can either eat out at their restaurant or order food to your home if you are having a down day. Lots of caterers also offer meal kits, so you can choose specific healthy foods that you love eating. This means that you and your children can still go out for a tasty meal without having to eat something unhealthy.

A healthy diet can have a huge effect on your mood and your symptoms, especially if you integrate a healthy diet with other methods such as exercise or spirituality. This can help you to feel slightly better, and it will be great for your children’s overall health too!

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