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The Coronavirus outbreak has been doing a lot more damage than the obvious. It has done more damage than causing many people to become ill to the point that a portion of them had succumbed to it. It has caused a lot more problems than forcing many people to lose their jobs and businesses. And it has also done a lot more damage than causing an increase in abuse, manslaughter as a result of abuse, and suicide rates as well.

This pandemic has revealed the true colors of people. Narcissists have shown up quite clearly as they have made it clear that their liberties are more important than human lives. Nasty behavior has also been at its worst, and I will not chalk it up to some of those people having a hard time coping with the situation. This is their true nature.

Another thing that the COVID-19 outbreak has revealed is hypocrisy at its finest. For instance, a publication that has been supportive of mental health for so long has shown its true colors. Those who are running it are all of a sudden invalidating the grief that others are feeling and experiencing who have not had their physical lives impacted by the virus.

The article was written by this publication, and it is calledCanceled Sports, Proms, And Graduations Are Disappointing — But Don’t Call Them ‘Devastating’. Therefore, their message basically is that if you have your health, then you have no business being devastated. Disappointed, yes, but devastation, no. That should only be saved for those who have lost loved ones or who have gotten ill from the Coronavirus.

Wow. Just wow. Hypocrisy at its finest. Now let me put in my two cents about this. Firstly, it is true that canceled events, trips, and other events cannot be put at the same level as someone’s life being in jeopardy from the virus or another condition. However, telling someone who had to cancel those important events to not feel devastated but to be disappointed instead is asinine!

No one tells anyone how to feel and how to process any type of grief they are experiencing as a result of the losses they experienced. And yes, canceled trips, canceled events, canceled graduation ceremonies are losses! Even though they are not life and death, they are losses. Losses that those who have to end those things before experiencing them have every right to grieve and be devastated over. How dare anyone that has the gall to invalidate the emotions, grief, and feelings that others have as a result of how the situation has affected them.

This is just as bad as telling anyone who goes to home hardware centers to grab ‘non-essential’ items that they are selfish for ‘endangering the lives of others’. Perhaps by denying these people access to those ‘non-essential- items are endangering their lives as well. That is if these ‘non-essential’ items are actually quite essential for their mental health. For instance, that guy who grabbed a bunch of cans of paint (non-essential items) who had the ‘nerve’ to go out and endanger others maybe did it so he could prevent himself from thinking suicidal thoughts?

Another great way to invalidate someone’s struggles and chastising them instead. Sure we know that curbside pickup is the right option to utilize. But that is not the point. The point is that no one has the right to judge others for what they do. And no one certainly has the right to judge others for how to feel about anything. The true colors of people have been slipping out from this and boy, they are awful.

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