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Freelancing has its perks. You put yourself out there on sites like, or other freelancing sites. You offer your services whether it is writing, social media management, content creation, SEO services, or graphic design. And, you will set your own prices, and clients will hire you. And, the higher your ratings become on these sites, then the more you will stand out to potential clients. With that said, you will be hired more often and that is when you will maintain a steady income.

With that said, freelancing is a great work at home opportunity for anyone, and it is completely legitimate. You don’t have to recruit anyone. You don’t have to pay for products every month that you don’t need and want that will just end up piling up in your garage or basement collecting dust. You don’t have to go out of your way trying to convince anyone that you are selling the greatest products that people can easily find at health food stores or at supermarkets. You see where I am going with this.

Yes, freelancing allows you to earn money in a legitimate way while you are not bothering your friends and family! You are only required to put yourself out in places where clients are looking to hire freelancers! However, even though freelancing is like night and day from MLM, it still has its own challenges. And, this should not come to you as a surprise because you can find pros and cons about pretty much anything. However, let’s go over the downsides to freelancing so you are aware of what you will end up running into if you do decide to become a freelancer:

  • Not always a reliable source of income – Clients will come and go, but that in itself is not a serious issue because new ones always come along, unexpectedly as well. However, you may have some months that are comparable to feast and famine. Some months you will do extremely well, and other months, not so much. Many times in the summer, business dies down a little but not always. Some months will be unpredictably quiet and other months will be unpredictably busy. You could make $5K one month and less than $1 another month. That is something to keep in mind if you do go into freelancing.
  • Nickel and dimers – You have your prices set but some potential buyers will try to nickel and dime you, and can easily take advantage of you so be careful with that. This is why I love Fiverr’s blocking system! Some of these buyers think they can get a  $1,500-result for $150 so be careful and don’t give into them.
  • Abusive Buyers – What is worse than the nickel and dimers? Abusive buyers as I dealt with one recently. I refunded their money and blocked them right after. I couldn’t work with a client who cannot respect a freelancer that he or she hired. And the bad thing was that communication with this individual was horrific. I was basically trying to pull teeth with this individual and he or she got angry that I wasn’t a mind reader. In other words, you will be dealing with nasty buyers, and it is best to refund them and block them. Fortunately, this is the exception and not the rule. But it is inevitable that any freelancer will encounter that.
  • Working all day, night, and all weekend – You will not have a day off when you are freelancing! And you may be working some evenings quite late, and you will be expected to work all weekend as well. You definitely can go on vacation but you will also need to take your work with you.

These are the downsides to freelancing that all freelancers, aspiring or existing need to know about. You could also work remotely as a chat agent from a company like Amazon or American Express. However, you are earing a certain wage and you could be working during undesirable hours as well. With that said, nothing is perfect, and this is why I like freelancing. Even with its downsides, it is still the best option when it comes to working from home.


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