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A sabbatical is essentially a program that allows employees to take an extended amount of time away from work responsibilities. This initiative was created as a company perk to enable employees to “escape” from work and rejuvenate on their own time. They can travel, relax, work on personal projects, and more.

Many businesses may see this perk as a detriment to their company because they look at the short-term effects. But there are long-term effects that employees and their employers can benefit from. Let’s look at why all companies should consider a sabbatical leave program.

Promotes Work/Life Balance

Sure, offering a specific amount of vacation days throughout the year can be a great benefit. But when you think about it, employees work an average of 261 days a year and are only allowed 10 to 18 days off.

In the grand scheme of things, that’s not much time to spend on family, personal hobbies, personal time, and more. An employee may mentally need more than a few days off at a time to reset, but know if they take that time, they might face disciplinary action or have limited PTO left for the rest of the year.

Work To Live

In addition to PTO days, a sabbatical leave program supports a healthy work/life balance by giving employees the ability to enjoy their lives and come back refreshed. When an employee is refreshed and feels happy and healthy, they’re more likely to succeed at work, helping you in the long run.

Sabbatical leave programs support the concept of “work to live” and not the other way around, which all companies should embrace.

Encourages Personal Growth

Sabbatical leaves encourage employees to explore themselves and their hobbies. Because many adults have a month off work only due to unemployment or sickness but not when they’re healthy to enjoy their lives, many of them feel easily burnt out.

When an employee receives more than three weeks to relax, reset, be creative, travel, and more, they grow in many ways and even gain new skills they can bring back to work.

High Retention Rates

Many people are calling the modern workplace culture “The Great Resignation” because employees are realizing their potential and moving to better companies that appreciate them more. Additionally, employees realized they could succeed in remote roles and are now pursuing them to spend more time with loved ones.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your employees, consider offering them the best benefits you can offer, like sabbatical leave. This will ensure they feel valued and seen as a person rather than employee #14, which will help them stay with your company long term.

Rules To Establish

If you decide to offer sabbatical leave, you’ll need to establish a few rules first. For example, they can only take a specific number of weeks or months of paid leave. Will the program only be offered to employees who’ve been there for a certain amount of time?

Considering these factors will help you build a clear-cut vision for the program. Furthermore, using time tracking software will enable you to keep track of their leave time to plan in advance.

Now you understand why all companies should consider a sabbatical leave program. You and your employees can be happier and work in a more supportive environment if you pursue this option.

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