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Fiverr Miriam Rachel

When Fiverr first came out in 2010, the purpose was for it was to be a marketplace that would provide a two-sided platform for people to buy and sell many digital services. It was a great place for freelancers to sell their services and a great place for buyers to get the services they need at a good price.

However, the downside about Fiverr back then and for a while after was that it had a cheap reputation. Think about it. If you purchase something for $5, it can’t be that good right? Well, yes and no. It all depends on what you are getting. And ever since then, Fiverr has made many changes to create a better reputation.

Sellers on Fiverr have the option to set their services to any price that they wish, and they can even charge up to $5K for services if they wish. That said, with that option, Fiverr is most definitely no longer synonymous?with cheap.

The other positive thing about Fiverr is that they have become stricter about what kind of services can be sold. At one time it was easy to buy fake Twitter or Instagram followers. Fiverr will no longer approve of sellers who offer that service. The only service that is allowed to be sold on Fiverr that resembles that is if someone can organically increase their following on Twitter or Instagram.

So now that Fiverr is no longer a place that is all about being cheap, nor are the services that are sold on there are blackhat-like, I think it is a good place to go in order to make some good supplemental monthly income.

I like working on Fiverr, and you can see here, that I have happy repeat clients. Just like with anything else, it will take time to build up a good reputation on Fiverr where your services will be easily found by other potential buyers. You can always join Facebook groups for Fiverr sellers and exchange services with other members who want to build up their reputation. They will help you out by buying a service from you and give you a good rating while you do the same for them. I didn’t do that, I just happened to attract some new buyers since I offered something that they needed. But that is an option that is there if you decide to start out.

The other good thing about Fiverr is that there is no bidding involved like there is on freelance platforms like Upwork. But you do need to promote yourself and you need to do some sales and have positive reviews in order to stick out in a good way! You also need to respond quickly to inquiries and deliver your work on time to those who order.

A tip to remember as well that if you cancel your orders too often, that will also ruin your rating. So that said, you will want to be sure to add to your profile as well as to your gig descriptions that you ask potential buyers to message you first before ordering. This way, if they ask you if you can provide a service for them that you can’t, you will tell them in a message before they go and order and you end up having to request a cancellation. I will provide some tips on how to be successful on Fiverr in a future blog post.

In a nutshell, Fiverr is a good place to market your services and if you do it well, you can earn a nice amount of supplemental income per month!

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