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I am glad to see that a day such as this one exists because mental illness is very real. The seriousness of mental illness is no different from a physical illness. And at the same time, while someone who is suffering from a physical illness is responsible for getting treatment for it, the person living with any mental illness must do the same.

And sometimes finding the right treatment will take time, and trial and error will be expected as well. Sometimes medication doesn’t help, but other forms of treatment can. It is a matter of trying things out and finding the best treatment for you.

And one thing that can be quite helpful for people who have a mental illness is either working or volunteering. Or if that is not possible, then finding some type of outlet such as painting or finding a hobby can help.

It is all a matter of wanting to get better and accepting that you will be working at it lifelong, even during smooth times when you feel you have healed. Mental illness is a lifelong battle, even during the smooth sailing periods. And it is a great thing that there a lot of talk and education about it to help remove the stigma. We are still a ways from that entirely, but we are getting there.

If you suffer from mental illness, don’t suffer in silence, speak up, get help, and stay strong, and know that you are not alone.

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