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MLM affiliate marketing

Multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing are actually two different types of business models. However, someone who is good with network marketing will combine affiliate marketing with MLM in order to create more income streams, other than relying on income from the MLM business.

At the same time, a pro-affiliate marketer may end up joining an MLM just to strengthen their efforts. Affiliate marketers make money whenever they sell something they are promoting- and an affiliate marketer can also create a nice income from the efforts of their downline. If their downline sells or recruits, that means money.

There are plenty of affiliate marketing MLM programs out there. For instance, look at an MLM funded proposal. The purpose of funded proposals are meant to intrigue the interest of the individual who is the type to be an entrepreneur- and who needs some assistance with working from home.

In fact, these guys and gals are definitely looking into a specific MLM company or marketing in general. The great thing about funded proposals is that they are an excellent way to build up a list of those who are also interested in network marketing or MLM. What these people want are support, training, help, etc.

Sometimes the funded proposal is free to join initially and gives you the option to upgrade for a small fee for more benefits. Other funded proposals cost to join off the bat. Then you can decide whether to promote the funded proposal, or simply to make good use of their tools which is usually available for an extra fee. What happens is, others join the funded proposal under your own link, and you will get their names and contact info- and you can always keep in touch with them. Especially when it comes to promoting other products/services which has to do with what they want (but remember, do not do this too frequently). The nice thing is, you can earn commission when someone joins your funded proposal. Usually, you will not make enough commission from the funded proposal to live off of unless you recruit a mass number- but you will make enough to cover business and advertising costs.

The main thing to remember, when it comes to being successful with affiliate marketing MLM combo is to create a list that is responsive and offer them what they want. If someone on your list had signed up for MLM training- then you can offer them products/services that have a relation to it.

If someone on your list requests info about getting involved in the MLM business- there is your opportunity to show them why it would be in their best interest to join you in your MLM and most importantly, your team. What can you offer them what others in the same MLM in other teams do not? If you are someone who is known to get multiple income streams from affiliate marketing, then the odds of someone on your list joining your MLM is higher! That alone shows them that you can help them, and they can teach your knowledge and skills to members in their downline (and your’s!).

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