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seo jokes

I recently had agreed to work with an SEO professional to help develop a really cool SEO program. I hope to have it ready by May of this year. I am enjoying the process for the most part in creating this program. However, sometimes I am in need for a good SEO joke here and there. Frankly, anyone working in the SEO field does. Well, I found some really funny ones from various sources (I don’t take any of the credit for these because I did not create these- if I knew who the creative one was to write these jokes, the credit goes out to them). Anyway, I felt I needed to share these 🙂 These are really corny but cute.

1. I go up to my friend and say “Hey, we’re ranking for duplicate content”. Then he says “How often?”

2. What do pigs and SEOs have in common? SPAM.

3. What did the SEO do on his honeymoon? A: He put a

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